Associated Branches Dialog Box

The Associated Branches option lists all branches that the file is part of.

To display the Associated Branches dialog box:

  1. In the file list, right-click a file and select Associated Branches.
  2. Select a branch from the list to see the branch details.


Created By Displays the user name who created the branch.
Created On Displays the date and time when the user created the branch.
Open as CSV Opens all files in the file list in an Excel spreadsheet.
Save as CSV Saves all files in the file list in a comma-delimited .txt file.

File List

Type Displays the file type icon.
Source File Displays the path of the source file.
Branch File Displays the path of the branched file.
Shared This column appears when the branch contains at least one paste shared file. It displays Yes for the paste shared files and is empty for the non-paste shared files.