Get From Cold Storage Dialog Box

Use the Get From Cold Storage dialog box to confirm which cold stored files are restored.

To display this dialog box:

Select a file, click Actions > Get Version > Versions in Cold Storage, and select the file to restore.

You can only select one file at a time to restore from cold storage. However, if the selected file is an assembly or a file that is linked to other files, all referenced files are available for confirmation in the Get From Cold Storage dialog box.
status statement Indicates whether or not the file can be retrieved.

Files that have been deleted by the cold storage schema can not be retrieved.

Cold storage information Information needed to locate the cold stored document.

Copy this information and provide it to an administrator to identify the correct media to make available so that you can restore the file.

Cold storage completed:

The date and time cold storage of the requested file occurred.

Archive server:

The archive server where the requested file is stored.

Media name:

The backup media on which the file is stored.

An administrator must insert the media before the file can be restored.

Archive server restore path:

Contains the media path, archive ID folder and name of the file to be restored.

Restore Restores the selected file to the folder containing the non-cold stored files.

The restored file's history contains a comment that the file was restored from cold storage, including the restoration date and name of the user performing the restore.

Restore all Batch restores the entire set of files that you have requested for retrieval from cold storage.

Multiple files are available for retrieval when you restore an assembly or other file with references.

Skip Skips the restore command for the file currently showing in the Cold storage information window.
Skip all Skips the remaining files that are queued for confirmation of restore from cold storage.

For example, when you select an assembly file to restore, after you click Restore, you are prompted to restore the files the assembly references. Skip All closes the Get From Cold Storage dialog box without restoring the linked files.

Cancel Closes the dialog box without restoring files.