Restoring a File and Its References

Although you can only select one file to restore from cold storage, if the selected file contains references, you can restore the parent file and the files it links to in a single restore operation.

For example, you can restore an assembly and the files it references.

To restore an assembly and its references:

  1. Select the assembly to restore and click Actions > Get Version > Versions in Cold Storage .
  2. Select the cold stored version to retrieve.
    The Get dialog box appears.
  3. In the Get column, clear any files you do not want to retrieve.
  4. Click Get.
    The Get from Cold Storage dialog box appears, showing the first file to confirm for retrieval.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Click Restore to restore the file shown and display the information for the next file.
    • Click Skip to skip the file shown and display the information for the next file.
    • Click Restore All to restore all the files that you selected for retrieval in the Get dialog box and close the Get from Cold Storage dialog box.
    • Click Skip All to skip all remaining files and close the dialog box.
    • Click Cancel to close the dialog box without restoring any files.
  6. Repeat step 5 until all files are processed.
    When the last file is confirmed, the Get from Cold Storage closes.

    The files are restored to their archive folders on the server.

    The History dialog box for each restored file contains a comment that the file was restored from cold storage, including the restoration date and the name of the user performing the restore.

If the cold stored files are not accessible, you receive an error message. Complete the procedure in Preparing to Restore Files, and then repeat this procedure.