Creating References

You can create references between files. When you work on the parent file, its references are displayed automatically in the preview or in the bill of materials.

To create a reference:

  1. Right-click the parent file and select Check Out.
  2. Select the files to reference.
  3. Right-click the files and select Copy.
  4. Right-click the parent file and select Paste as Reference.
  5. In the Create File References dialog box, set options:
    • Add Reference creates a reference to the file.

      When you paste references to parent documents like assemblies and do not want to add references to children, clear the check boxes of the files you do not want to reference.

    • Show in Bill of Materials includes the file in the parent file BOM.
    • The Quantity column lets you specify a quantity for the referenced files. This quantity is displayed in the Bill of Materials of the parent file when you enable Show in Bill of Materials.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Right-click the parent file and select Check In.
  8. To verify the references, select the parent file and select the Contains tab.