Searching in Data Cards

Most search forms include tabs that let you enter a variety of search criteria. The search tabs described here are available when you use Complete Search.

Use What's This help to access information about the variable settings for fields on tabs. Click What's This on the toolbar and click in a field.

To search for files and folders based on data cards:

  1. Expand Open Search and select Complete Search.
  2. On the Name and Location tab:
    1. For Look in, browse to the location to search.
    2. To search files with a certain extension, specify the extension in the Name field.
  3. On the Cards tab:
    1. In the drop-down list, select the file extension of the data card to display.
      Select Folder Card to show the folder data card linked to the search location.
      Only extensions linked to data cards in the location you specify on the Name and Location tab are searched.
    2. Specify search values for the data card.
      Some cards have more than one tab where you can select additional search values.
  4. Click Start search (toolbar) or Search > Start Search.