Adding Queries

You add queries that are defined by .crp files to the Report Generator for use in running reports.

A sample query file, Report Examples 1.crp, is available in the SOLIDWORKS PDM installation folder. This file contains nine reports.

To add queries to the Report Generator:

  1. Click Tools > Report Generator .
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Drag the .crp file containing the queries to the Queries pane.
    • Click Files > Import Query. In the Import Query window, browse to a .crp file.
    • Double-click the .crp file in the Explorer window.
    The new queries merge with those that are already installed. Existing queries are ignored (no duplicates). If a new query is identical to an existing query, but has another version number than the existing query, a warning message asks whether you want to replace the existing query.
  3. In the Query User Rights dialog box, select the users and groups that can see the query and click OK.
  4. In the information message that reports the number of queries added, click OK.
    The report is added to the query pane.
  5. Right-click a query to access the following commands:
    • Select (or Unselect). Toggles selection of the query.
    • Remove. Uninstalls the query. You must confirm this action.
    • User Rights. Displays the Query User Rights dialog box to let you change user and group permissions.
  6. Select a query to run a report using it.