Material Models

A material model describes the stress-strain relation for a material. Available material models depend on the type of the active study.

The following is a list of available material models in terms of the type of the active study:

Material Model Structural and Thermal Nonlinear Drop Test Linear Dynamic
Linear Elastic Isotropic PM_OK.gif PM_OK.gif PM_OK.gif PM_OK.gif
Linear Elastic Orthotropic PM_OK.gif PM_OK.gif   PM_OK.gif
Nonlinear Elastic   PM_OK.gif    
Plasticity   PM_OK.gif PM_OK.gif(von Mises model)  
Hyperelasticity   PM_OK.gif    
Viscoelasticity   PM_OK.gif    
Creep   PM_OK.gif    
Nitinol   PM_OK.gif    

In addition to the above mentioned material models, you can define temperature-dependent material properties.