Defining Temperature-Dependent Material Properties

You can define temperature-dependent material properties. Instead of a constant value, a material property is defined by pairs of temperature and property values.

To define a temperature-dependent material property:

  1. In the Material dialog box, right-click Custom Materials and select New Category. If needed, rename the New Category folder.
  2. Right-click the newly defined category and select New Material.
  3. Under Material properties, select the desired options.
  4. In the Value cell of the material property you define as temperature-dependent, click the down arrow and select Temperature Dependent.
    The Tables & Curves tab is active. The material property that changes with temperature is selected by default in the Type menu.
  5. Set the Units of temperature and the material property.
  6. Type the temperature-property pairs in the table, or click File to read data from a *.dat text file with two columns of data.
    The first column contains the temperature data, the second column contains the material property data.
    To insert a new data row, double-click a cell in the Points column.
  7. To view the temperature-material property curve, click View.
  8. To save the material to a *.dat text file or *.csv Excel file, click Save.
  9. Click Apply and Close.