Insert Block PropertyManager

To open the Insert Block PropertyManager:

In the Edit Sketch mode, click Insert Block (Blocks toolbar) or Tools > Blocks > Insert.

Blocks to Insert

Open Blocks Lists the current block documents in the FeatureManager design tree.
Browse Lets you locate existing blocks to insert into the current document.
Link to file Select so that changes made to the original file propagate to all instances of the block.


Block Scale Changes the default size of the block you insert. Block instances are scaled about their insertion points.
Block Rotation Changes the angle at which you insert the block. Positive values rotate the block counterclockwise. Block instances are rotated about their insertion points.


Leader is used only in drawing documents.

Block leaders have an anchor point (the end anchored to the block) and an attachment point (the end attached to the model or drawing sheet). When you add a leader to a block instance, it is anchored to the insertion point by default. You can drag the leader anchor point anywhere within the block.

No Leader  
Straight Leader  
Bent Leader  
  Arrowhead Style Select a style.


Layer is used only in drawing documents.
Layer For drawings with named layers.