SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor

The SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor utility monitors resources that your SOLIDWORKS software or your system is using. When you are running low on resources, the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor provides messages in the notification area of the Windows taskbar that help you take action to avoid a system failure or a loss of data.

The SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor monitors these resources:

Resource Description
System memory The combined total of physical RAM and page file size. In Windows, this combined total is known as the Commit Charge.
GDI handles A finite resource used to draw user interface items on the screen.

The SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor's icon in the notification area is color-coded to indicate the availability of resources:

  Color Description
resmon_icon_green.png Green Sufficient resources of all types are available.
resmon_icon_yellow.png Yellow One or more resources are running low. You should take action to free resources.
resmon_icon_red.png Red One or more resources are almost completely consumed. If you continue to work you are likely to experience a system failure or loss of data, so you must take action to free resources. In addition to the messages provided by the monitor in the notification area, messages appear in the SOLIDWORKS software if you attempt to execute any commands.

The SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor displays messages that are specific to the type of resource that has run low. Follow the directions in the message to correct the resource problem.

For example, if system memory is low, close non-SOLIDWORKS programs or close documents within SOLIDWORKS. If the number of available GDI handles is low, close documents within SOLIDWORKS.

To display the most recent message again, click the SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor icon - resmon_icon_green.png, resmon_icon_yellow.png, or resmon_icon_red.png - in the notification area.
The SOLIDWORKS Resource Monitor has no user interface other than the icon and messages. Nothing appears on the screen if you double-click the icon, or click it before a message has appeared.