Adding Components from an Open Document Window

You can add components to an assembly by dragging from an open document window. Depending on how you drag the component, you can align it with the assembly origin or add SmartMates.

Dragging Components from the FeatureManager Design Tree

To add components by dragging from the FeatureManager design tree:

  1. Open the destination assembly document, and open the source document that can be either the component document itself, or another assembly document that contains the component.
  2. Click Window > Tile Horizontally (or Tile Vertically).
  3. Drag the component icon from the FeatureManager design tree of the source window to the destination assembly window. You can inference the assembly origin.
    You can also drag entire subassemblies.
    If the component has multiple configurations, you can select which configuration to insert. Select the ConfigurationManager tab in the source window, then drag the name of the configuration.

Dragging Components from the Graphics Area

To add components by dragging from the graphics area:

  1. Ctrl + drag the component from the graphics area of the source window into the graphics area of the assembly window, but do not drop it immediately. Use one of the following entities to drag the component: a linear or circular edge, a temporary axis, a vertex, a planar face, or a cylindrical/conical face. You can inference the assembly origin.
    You can also Ctrl + drag a component from a subassembly.
    When the pointer is over an entity of another component that is a potential mate partner, the pointer changes to indicate the mate or mates that will result if the component is dropped at this location. A preview of the component snaps into place.
  2. Drop the component.
    The mates are added automatically.