Auto-Space Components in Exploded Views

You can enable Auto-space components for existing explode steps. You can select center, rear, or front of the bounding box for the order of auto-spaced components.

Auto-space components is renamed from Auto-space components on drag.

To use Auto-space components in exploded views:

  1. Open system_dir:\Users\Public\Public Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS 2020\samples\whatsnew\assemblies\explode\pillow_block.SLDASM.
  2. Click Insert > Exploded View .
  3. In the PropertyManager, for Explode Step Components , select these components:
    • flatwasher<1>
    • lockwasher<2>
    • socket head cap screw<2>
  4. Drag the Y axis to explode the components.
  5. Under Auto-space components, select a bounding box option:
    Bounding box center

    Orders auto-spacing by the center of the bounding box.

    Bounding box rear

    Orders auto-spacing by the rear of the bounding box.

    Bounding box front

    Orders auto-spacing by the front of the bounding box.

  6. Click Add Step.
  7. Click .