Configure Items - Item ID

Use the Configure Items - Item ID page to select the serial number and file data card variable used to generate unique item IDs.

To display this page:

Double-click Items.

Item Serial Number Specifies the serial number (see Serial Numbers) from which SOLIDWORKS PDM generates unique item IDs. The default is Item Number, which is an 8-digit counter (00000001, 00000002, and so on).
  • If Item ID Variable is set, the serial number is used only if the selected data card variable has no value.
  • Select a serial number with at least one counter component to ensure unique item IDs.
  • Item IDs cannot contain backslashes (\). Any backslashes in the serial number are replaced by underscores (_) in the generated IDs.
  • Serial numbers based on add-ins are not supported as item ID generators.
  • When creating items, users can specify item IDs other than the automatically generated IDs, for example, to specify IDs from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
Item ID Variable Specifies the file data card variable from which SOLIDWORKS PDM creates item IDs. To disable mapping of item IDs to a data card variable, select <Do not read the ID from a variable>.

If a mapped data card variable has no value or mapping is disabled, Item Serial Number is used to generate the item ID.