Item Cards (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Items in a vault can have an item card connected to them to show information such as project name and number.

The information is stored in the vault database and is used to display information about the item when users browse or search. The layout of each item card is customizable and each item folder in the vault can have a different item card.

When a new vault is created, a default item card (SOLIDWORKS Item Card) is imported. You can modify this card as needed. If you upgrade from a previous version or want to restore the default layout of a card, you can re-import the default data card.

When modifying or creating item cards, use the File data card variable option for mapping file card variables to item cards. This option is available for all control types, such as check boxes and list controls.

When creating items for configurations, item card values come from the referenced configuration, or if empty, the custom properties (@ tab). Therefore, if you want item card values to exactly match configuration values, ensure that all mapped configuration variables have values by defining those properties as required. Alternatively, do not use custom properties.

When creating items from CAD files (not specific configurations), item card values come from the custom properties.

Card name Enter a display name for the item card.
Card type Select Item Card.
Resizable Does not apply to Item cards.