Adding Transition Actions

You can add any number of transition actions to a transition. A transition action triggers one or more predefined events when a file passes the transition. For example, you can define an action that sets a new revision number on a file and updates the Approved variable with the name of the user approving the file (electronically sign the file).

To add transition actions:

  1. In the workflow editor, click the transition you want to edit.
  2. In the transition's Properties dialog box, on the Actions tab, click Add Action.
  3. In the Transition Action dialog box, specify an action Description, select the action Type, provide other information as required by that type, then click OK.
    The new action appears in the list of actions on the Actions tab.
  4. Optionally add more actions.
    The actions run in the order they are listed in the Actions list.
    SOLIDWORKS PDM creates only one version of a file even if you add multiple variable actions to update different variables.
  5. Optionally change the order in which the actions are triggered:
    1. Click the action you want to move.
    2. Click Move Up or Move Down to move the action up or down in the trigger order.
    When updating a variable and setting the revision on a file at the same time (thereby creating a new version), it is recommended that you always place the Inc. revision action at the bottom of the list. If the revision action is triggered before the variable update, the revision number is set on the previous file version.
  6. When you are done adding actions and otherwise editing the transition, click OK.
  7. To save your changes, click Save (Administration toolbar) or File > Save.