DraftXpert PropertyManager - Change

To open the DraftXpert PropertyManager:

Click DraftXpert in the Draft PropertyManager to create neutral plane drafts. Use the Change tab to modify or remove neutral plane drafts. The PropertyManager remembers its last used state.

Two PropertyManager toggle buttons are available:

Manual Use this PropertyManager to maintain control at the feature level.
DraftXpert (Neutral plane drafts only). Use this PropertyManager when you want the SOLIDWORKS software to manage the structure of the underlying features.
When you edit a draft using Edit Feature, the Draft PropertyManager appears with no toggle buttons.

Drafts to change

Some fields that accept numeric input allow you to create an equation by entering = ( equal sign) and selecting global variables, functions, and file properties from a drop-down list. See Direct Input of Equations in PropertyManagers.
Faces to Draft In the graphics area, select the faces with draft to change or remove.
  Neutral Plane Select a planar face or a plane feature. If necessary, select Reverse direction to slant the draft in the opposite direction. If you change the Draft Angle only, you do not need to select a neutral plane.
Draft Angle Sets the draft angle, measured perpendicular to the neutral plane.

Existing Drafts

Sort List by Filters all drafts by Angle, Neutral Plane, or Direction of Pull. Select a value from the list to select all drafts with that value in the model and also display them under Faces to Draft . You can then change or remove those drafts as desired.

Draft Analysis

Auto paint Enables draft analysis of the model. You must select a face for Neutral Plane
Color contour map Displays the range of draft in the model by color and numerical value, and the number of faces with positive draft, requiring draft, and with negative draft.
Yellow faces are the ones that most likely need draft.
Click Show/hide faces to toggle the display of faces that include or require draft.