The DraftXpert manages the creation and modification of neutral plane drafts. The DraftXpert takes trial and error out of the draft process.

You select the draft angle and references to draft, and the DraftXpert manages the rest, which can include automatically reordering draft features before adjacent fillets. See also Xperts Overview.

The DraftXpert can:

  • Create multiple drafts
  • Create multiple drafts
  • Create multiple drafts
  • Automatically invoke the FeatureXpert to resolve draft features that do not initially go into the model easily

Use the Add tab to create new draft features or the Change tab to modify draft features.

Use the DraftXpert when you want the SOLIDWORKS software to manage the structure of the underlying features. Use the manual Draft PropertyManager when you want to maintain control at the feature level.

The following procedures demonstrate various uses of the DraftXpert using this sample model.

To access the DraftXpert:

  1. Click Draft (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Draft.
  2. In the PropertyManager, click DraftXpert.