Allows you to reload documents. This is useful, for example, if, in a multi-user environment, you have read-only access and want to reload the latest version with any changes made by another user.

You can also set document read/write status in the Reload dialog box and undo changes since the last Save operation.

To open the Reload dialog box, do one of the following:

  • Click Reload (Standard toolbar) or File > Reload.
  • Click Check Read-Only Files on the Standard toolbar. If the files have not changed, a message appears. If shared files have been updated by other users, or if other users have relinquished access to shared files, the Reload dialog box appears populated with these files.
  • If you specified the Collaboration Option for the system to check file status, when the system detects a change to a shared file, a tooltip in the lower right of the graphics area points to an icon on the status bar. Changes can be:
    • Another user saves a file that you have open in SOLIDWORKS, making your file out of date.
    • Another user relinquishes write access to a file that you have open in SOLIDWORKS by making the file read-only or closing the file, allowing you to take write access.
    Click the icon to access the Reload dialog box.
  • Right-click a component in the FeatureManager design tree or the graphics area and select Reload. Only the selected component is listed in the dialog box.

File Listing

When the Reload dialog box appears, the active model (part or assembly) is listed.
Show References (available for assemblies and subassemblies). Click to display references to assembly components. The components are indented and listed in the order they appear in the FeatureManager design tree.
Once the references are displayed, you cannot hide them again.
Sort files by (available when you click Show References). The filenames remain indented when sorted. You can sort by:


In FeatureManager design tree order


Listed alphabetically

User with write access

Alphabetically by user name

Needs Save

Files with Yes in the column appear at the top of the list

Newer version on disk

Files with Yes in the column appear at the top of the list

Show full paths Select to display the file paths.


Reload Determines which files need to be reloaded. Reloading occurs when you click OK to close the dialog box. If you choose to gain write access and the file in memory is out of date, the file must be reloaded. Select the check box at the top of the column to select all files.
Filename Displays the name of the active document and its references.
Read Only Shows if files are read-only, and allows you to specify files to become read-only when you click OK.
User With Write Access Displays the name of the user with write access if you have read-only status.
Needs Save? If a component has changed since it was last saved, Yes is displayed.
Newer Version On Disk? If the version on disk is newer than the version open in memory, Yes is displayed.
? A question mark appears if a Quick Tip message regarding potential loss of change is available.


Green indicates any reload or read-only changes that will not cause a potential loss of file changes.

Red indicates that you have selected to reload a file that has changed since it was last saved, or you have selected to make a file read-only when it has changed since it was last saved. Hover the pointer over the question mark to display a Quick Tip explanation.