To start more quickly, SOLIDWORKS begins loading components in the background when you start your computer.

SOLIDWORKS Fast Start might slow down your Windows login time slightly.

To turn off SOLIDWORKS Fast Start:

  1. For Windows 10:
    1. Open Windows Task Manager.
    2. Click More Details.
    3. On the Startup tab, right-click InstallShield and click Disable.
    To restore SOLIDWORKS Fast Start, right-click InstallShield and click Enable.
  2. For Windows 7:
    1. Click Start > All Programs > Startup.
    2. Right-click SOLIDWORKS Fast Start and click Delete.
    3. When the dialog box appears, click Yes.
    To restore SOLIDWORKS Fast Start, you must repair your SOLIDWORKS installation.

Repairing an Installation

If you encounter problems with an installed SOLIDWORKS product, you can use the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to repair the installation.

To repair an installation, your machine must have all the source files from the previous installation and any applied service packs, in the location where they were originally installed.

You can repair an individual installation. You cannot repair an administrative image; you must uninstall and then reinstall the administrative image.
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel and click Programs > Programs and Features.
  2. Select the SOLIDWORKS version that you want to repair and click Change.
  3. On the Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager screen, click Repair your installation.
  4. On the Products to Repair screen, select the product to repair.
  5. Clear the rest of the products on the screen.
  6. Click Repair.