Browsing Recent and Open Documents

You can browse recent and open documents.

When browsing documents, you can select a document tile from the keyboard or hover over a tile to select it with the mouse.

Document selected with keyboard. To open the document, press Enter. Document selected by the mouse by hovering over the document. To open the document, click it or click Expand .

Browsing Recent Documents

You can browse recent documents, specify options before you open a document, and drag recent documents into other documents.

To browse recent documents:

  1. Click File > Open Recent > Browse Recent Documents or press R to open the Welcome dialog box.
    If there are no open documents, click File > Browse Recent Documents .
  2. Highlight a document tile. Hover over the tile to see document information such as location and date modified, and click to see more options and information.
  3. To open a document:
    Option Description
    Press Enter, Ctrl, or Space Opens the highlighted document by using the keyboard.
    Click the document Opens the document under the pointer.
    Hover over a document, and click Expand Opens the File Open dialog box where you can specify options. Click Open or Open Read-only to open the document.

    The dialog box closes and the document appears in the graphics area.

    You can drag a recent document tile into:
    • An open part to create a derived part.
    • An assembly to insert the component.
    • A drawing to create a view of the model.
    • An empty graphics area to open the file.
    • File Explorer to copy the file to that location.
To close the dialog box without opening a document, click outside the dialog box or press Esc.

Browsing Open Documents

You can select an open document from the Window menu or the Open Documents browser.

To select an open document, do one of the following:

  • Click Window, and click the document that you want to open.
    To see a preview of the document and its file path, hover over the menu item for the document.
  • Use the Open Documents browser:
    1. Click Window > Browse Open Documents.
    2. Use the arrow keys or press Tab to select a document from the keyboard, or hover over a document to select it with the mouse.

      The file path for the selected document appears at the top of the browser.

    3. Press Enter to open the selected document.
      To close the browser without opening a document, press Esc.