Converting Sketch Pictures to Vector Data

To convert the picture to vector data:

  1. In an open sketch, click Sketch Picture Tool_Sketch_Picture_Sketch.gif (Sketch toolbar) or click Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture.
  2. In the dialog box, browse to the picture file and click Open.
    The picture is inserted.
  3. Set the properties on the first page of the Sketch Picture PropertyManager as necessary.
  4. Click PM_next.gif to display the second page of the Sketch Picture PropertyManager.
  5. Under Trace Settings:
    1. Select a tool for Image Type.
    2. Select a tool for Selection tools, and create a border around the image you want to trace.
    3. Click Begin trace.
  6. Under Preview Settings, clear or select Show source image and Show traced geometry to isolate and verify source and trace images.
  7. Under Begin Trace, adjust the sliders.
    Note the following:
    • Sliders control the source image.
    • Sliders for Color tolerance and Recognition tolerance are dynamic.
    • Set Color tolerance towards the left to increase color precision, and decrease color deviation.
    • Set Recognition tolerance towards the left to increase the precision with which the trace follows the source geometry.
  8. Click Apply.
    You can clear Show source image so that only the vector sketch elements display when you create the sketch.
  9. Click PM_OK.gif to create the sketch.
  10. Select individual spline segments and adjust their shape as required.