Creating an Equation

To create an equation in the Modify dialog box for a dimension:

  1. In the model, double-click a dimension.
    The Modify dialog box for dimensions displays, showing the name of the dimension and the current value.
  2. In the second line of the Modify dialog box, enter = (equal sign). Then enter an equation in the same way as in the Equations dialog box.
    You can assign units of measurement to each value in the equation by using the type-ahead list or by typing the unit directly. If you specify different units of measurement to each value, the equation will evaluate to the units of measurement defined in the document.
  3. If the dimension has multiple configurations, click Configurations , and select one of the following from the flyout menu:
    • This configuration
    • All configurations
    • Specify configurations
  4. Click PM_OK.gif.
    An Equations icon OTTool_Equations_Tools.gif appears next to the equation.

The next time you open the Equations dialog box, the new equation is listed.

You cannot change the evaluated value of an equation in the Modify dialog box.