Sketching with Extruded or Revolved Bosses/Bases

To start a sketch with an Extruded or Revolved Boss/Base:

  1. Click Extruded Boss/Base Tool_Extruded_Boss_Base_Features.gif or Revolved Boss/Base Tool_Revolved_Boss_Base_Features.gif on the Features toolbar, or click Insert > Boss/Base > Extrude or Boss/Base > Revolve .
  2. Select one of the three planes (Front Plane, Top Plane, and Right Plane) displayed.
    In new parts, the plane rotates to the Normal to orientation.
  3. Create a sketch with the sketch entity tool, or select a tool on the Sketch toolbar and create a sketch.
    The sketch must be a closed sketch.
  4. Close the sketch to open the PropertyManager of the feature you selected.
  5. Create the part and click PM_OK.gif.