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Creating a Mask

You can create a Mask, a figure that overlays existing geometry with the current background color. The existing geometry is not erased.

The Mask command allows you to draw a polygonal shape or select an existing polygon to mask underlying entities. After you place the polygon over a section of the drawing, you can add entities on top of the polygon.

Annotate a masked area by placing opaque Text near it, or by highlighting areas of a drawing that need to be re-detailed, for example.

You can turn off Mask frames to seamlessly blend with existing drawing entities. This is helpful before you print a drawing.

  To control the visibility of different scenarios with Masks, use Layers.

To create a Mask out of points:

  1. Click Draw > Mask (or type Mask).
  2. In the graphics area, specify points in a sequence that define the contour of the area to mask.
  3. Press Enter.

To create a Mask from a PolyLine:

  1. Click Draw > Mask (or type Mask).
  2. Specify the PolyLine option.
  3. In the graphics area, select a PolyLine. The PolyLine must be closed and consist of Line segments with zero width.
  4. Specify the Yes option.

To show or hide Mask frames:

  1. Click Draw > Mask (or type Mask).
  2. Specify the Frames option.
  3. Specify the Yes option to show Mask frames. Specify the No option to hide them.


Command: Mask

Menu: Draw > Mask

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