Sketch Relations

In SOLIDWORKS, relations between sketch entities and model geometry are an important means of building in design intent.

For example, you can draw two concentric circles. If you specify a concentric relation and then move one circle, the other circle moves with it, maintaining the relation.

You can add relations in the following ways:
  • Automatically by SOLIDWORKS during sketching. The cursor changes to inform you of the relation it is inferencing.
  • Manually after creating the sketch entities when you open entity PropertyManagers or the Add Relations PropertyManager. You can also display and delete relations.

Equations create mathematical relations between model dimensions, but outside of sketches.

To place a hole in the center of the block, sketch a centerline from corner to corner, then specify a Midpoint relation between the center of the circle and the centerline.
  • The inferencing line shows a vertical relation between the endpoints of the two lines.
  • The in the pointer display indicates that the line being sketched is horizontal. The horizontal relation is added to the entity properties automatically.
The two circles are specified to be concentric. When you move one, the other moves with it.