Using Imported 2D CAD Data

You can use legacy 2D CAD data by importing it into SOLIDWORKS and you can convert 2D CAD drawings into 3D models.

Importing Data

You can import 2D CAD .dxf and .dwg files to part or drawing documents with the DXF/DWG Import Wizard. Once in SOLIDWORKS, you must attach the dimensions and constrain the relations (the Fully Define Sketch command constrains the basic geometry of imported sketches).

Exporting Data

You can export SOLIDWORKS drawings to DXF/DWG files, including mapping objects to layers and colors.


Layers in imported 2D CAD drawings are retained in SOLIDWORKS. You can map the layers in SOLIDWORKS drawings when exporting.


You can import blocks from 2D CAD software, edit the blocks, save them, insert instances in SOLIDWORKS drawings, and so on.

2D to 3D Conversion

You can import a 2D drawing into a sketch in a SOLIDWORKS part, extract views into separate sketches for extruding into a base feature, then continue to add features. The 2D to 3D conversion process is usually faster than redesigning the part in SOLIDWORKS.

2D drawing imported into a SOLIDWORKS sketch . . . and converted into a 3D solid model