Mated Entities PropertyManager

In the Mated Entities PropertyManager, you can reattach dangling mate entities.

Items you can select include a mate, a component, or a Mates folder to replace the entities for a single mate, all the mates on a component, or all the mates in the assembly, respectively.

To open this PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Right-click an item and select Replace Mate Entities.
  • Select an item and click Replace Mate Entities (Assembly toolbar).
The Mated Entities PropertyManager also appears if you select Re-attach mates in the Replace Components PropertyManager. Additionally, a window shows the original component with the missing mate entity highlighted, and the Missing Entities pop-up toolbar appears.

Mate Entities

In the list, select an entity to be replaced. Icons indicate the mate status:
  Show all mates Shows all satisfied and dangling mates. When cleared, only the dangling mates are shown.
  Defer update Mates are not solved immediately after a replacement entity is selected.
Replacement Mate Entity Select an entity in the graphics area to replace the entity selected above.
  Flip Mate Alignment Toggles the alignment of the mate.
  Disable Preview Turns off the preview of the replacement mate.
The Disable Preview option is available after you replace a component by using the Replace Component PropertyManager.