Missing Entities Pop-up Toolbar

When you replace components in an assembly, the Missing Entities pop-up toolbar helps you to navigate through existing mates as you replace mate references.

From the pop-up toolbar, you can:
  • Show the replacement part alone, show the replacement part with related parts, or show the entire assembly.
  • Undo selections and operations.
  • Delete mates.
  • Skip mates.
  • Toggle mate alignments.

To access the Missing Entities pop-up toolbar, select the Re-attach mates option in the Replace Components PropertyManager:

  1. Right-click a component and select Replace Components.
  2. In the PropertyManager:
    1. For With this one , select a replacement component.
    2. Under Options, select Re-attach mates.
    3. Click .

    The Mated Entities PropertyManager opens. Additionally, the Missing Entities pop-up toolbar appears, and a window shows the original component with the missing mate entity highlighted.

  Isolate Controls which components are visible in the graphics area, to help you focus on the missing mate entities. Click Isolate and select:
Selected Entity Shows only the component you are inserting.
Entity and Mated Parts Shows the component you are inserting, plus components that are mated to the part you are replacing.
Entire Assembly Shows all visible components in the assembly.
Undo Undoes the previous action.
Delete Mates Deletes the selected mate.
Next Reference Selects the next mate entity in the list without taking action on the current entity.
Flip Mate Alignment Toggles the alignment of the mate.