Display State Properties PropertyManager

Display states define different combinations of display settings for each component in an assembly or each feature or body in a part.

To change the properties of a display state:

  1. At the bottom of the ConfigurationManager tab , right-click a display state and click Properties.
  2. Specify options as described below.

Display State Properties

Display State name Enter a name for the display state.
Hide new components when inactive Indicates that new components that are inactive are hidden in the selected display state.
Apply to Applies the Hide new components when inactive setting to one of the following:

All display states

New components are hidden in all display states.

Specify display states

Displays the Apply to Display States dialog box, which lists the available displays states and shows the active display state.

Select display states to apply the Hide new components when inactive option and click .
You can use Shift + or Ctrl + to select multiple display states.

This display state

New components are hidden in the current display state.

Advanced Options

Link display states to configurations Controls the display state mode:
  • When selected, each display state is linked to one configuration.
  • When cleared, display states are independent from configurations, so all display states are available to all configurations.