Volume Select

In an assembly, you can select components based on a temporary volume that you define.

To select components using Volume Select:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Standard toolbar, expand the Select flyout and click Volume Select.
    • Right-click an empty region of the graphics area and, on the context toolbar, expand the Select flyout and click Volume Select.
    • Click Tools > Component Selection > Volume Select.
  2. Drag to define a rectangle:
    • Drag from left to right to select components entirely within the volume.
    • Drag from right to left to select components within or crossed by the volume.
    The rectangle is drawn on a plane parallel to the plane of your computer screen. By default, the plane passes through the origin of the assembly. You can control the location of the plane by pre-selecting items. If you pre-select:
    • A vertex: The plane passes through the vertex.
    • An edge or non-planar face: The plane intersects the edge or face at a location nearest to the origin.
    • A planar face or reference plane: The rectangle is drawn on that plane, and the display changes to be normal to that plane.
  3. Release the mouse button.
    Drag handles appear on the rectangle.

  4. To expand the volume, click a handle, move the pointer, and then click again to release the handle.
    As the volume changes, components are dynamically selected.
  5. Press Esc or initiate any command that is available after a multiple-component selection.