Parting Surface PropertyManager

Parting surfaces split the mold cavity from the core. You create parting lines and shut off surfaces before creating parting surfaces.

To open the Parting Surface PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Click Parting Surfaces (Mold Tools toolbar).
  • Click Insert > Molds > Parting Surface.
  • Select a Parting Surface feature in the FeatureManager design tree and click Edit Feature fm_edit_feature.gif.

Mold Parameters

Tangent to surface Sets the parting surface tangent to the surface adjacent to the parting line.
Normal to surface Sets the parting surface normal to the surface adjacent the parting line.

Reverse Alignment

(Available for Normal to surface when two faces adjacent to the parting edge are almost parallel.) Changes the face that is normal to the parting surface.

Reverse_alignment_mold01.gif Reverse_alignment_mold02.gif

Perpendicular to pull Sets the parting surface perpendicular to the direction of pull.

Parting Line

Edges Lists the names of edges or parting line selected for parting surfaces. You can:

Edge or parting line

Select an edge or parting line in the graphics area to add or remove it from Edges.


Select a name to identify the edge with a callout in the graphics area.

Clear selection

Right-click and select Clear Selections to clear all selections from Edges.


You can select edges manually. Select an edge in the graphics area, then use the selection tools to complete the loop.

Parting Surface

  Distance Set the width of the parting surface.
Reverse offset direction Changes the direction that the parting surface extends from the parting line.
dim_ang_a.png Angle (For Tangent to surface or Normal to surface.) Sets the angle from perpendicular to the direction of pull.
  Smoothing Sets the transition between adjacent surfaces:




Sets the Distance dim_lin_d1.png between adjacent edges. A higher value creates a smoother transition between adjacent edges.

A callout in the graphics area identifies the minimum radius on the parting surface.


Knit all surfaces Knits all surfaces automatically. With most models, the surfaces are created correctly.
When you modify a faulty surface, clear this option to prevent surfaces from knitting.
Use surface tools such as Lofted Surface or Ruled Surface on the Mold Tools toolbar to perform the repairs. Then use Knit Surface to manually knit the surfaces after the repairs.
Optimize (For Tangent to surface only.) Optimizes the parting surface for machining by creating it with only planar faces tangent to the top face of the mold tool.

When cleared, some curved faces might be generated. It is difficult to machine this surface.

When selected, creation of curved faces is blocked, so no surface is created in that area.

Use tools such as Planar Surface and Knit Surface to extend the parting surface into that area.

Show Preview Displays a preview of the surface in the graphics area. Clear to optimize system performance.

Manual Mode Displays handles that you can manipulate to adjust the parting surface:
  • Drag a handles to prevent the intersection of overlapping surfaces.
  • Redefine the surface region between two vertices to specify a filled surface:
    1. Right-click a vertex at the edge of the part and select Start fill surface region.
    2. Right-click a second vertex at the edge of the part and select End fill surface region.
To help prevent the core and cavity blocks from shifting, you can add an interlock surface along the perimeter of parting surfaces prior to inserting a tooling split in a mold part. You can also create the interlock surface automatically when you insert the tooling split. To close holes in a molded part, you can add shut off surfaces.