View Options

To set the default view rotation:

Click Options or Tools > Options and click View.

Click Reset to restore factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.
Reverse mouse wheel zoom direction Changes the direction of the mouse wheel for zooming in and out.
Zoom to fit when changing to standard views Makes the entire model visible in the graphics area when changing to a standard view.

View rotation

Arrow keys Specifies the angle increment for view rotation when you use the arrow keys to rotate the model.
Mouse speed Specifies the speed of rotation when you use the mouse to rotate the model or assembly component. To get finer control and slower rotation, move the slider to the left.


Enables animation-like changes to the display of part and assembly documents when you change from one display state to another. You can independently control the following transitions:
View transition Controls the animation when changing from one view orientation to another. For example, from a front view to an isometric view.
Hide/show component In assemblies, controls the animation when you turn the visibility of selected components off or on.
Isolate In assemblies and multi-body parts, controls the animation when you isolate selected components.
View selector Controls the animation when you activate the View Selector.
Move the slider to adjust the animation speed or to Off to turn off a specific view transition. When a transition type is turned off, the model jumps immediately to the new display state.
To optimize view display performance, larger models might not show the animation.