Temporarily Fixing or Grouping Components

You can temporarily fix or group components to affect their behavior when you drag to move or rotate components.

To fix or group components:

  1. Click Temporary Fix/Group (Assembly toolbar).
  2. In the dialog box, set the following options:
      Option Description
    Components to fix Select components to temporarily fix during drag.
    Components to group Select components to temporarily group during drag.
      Remember selections Selects the same components the next time you open the dialog box.
      Show labels Adds callouts to each selection. The callouts show the component's name and whether it is fixed or grouped. You can drag callouts to reposition them. You can clear a selection by clicking in its callout.
  3. Click Fix/Group.
    The selected components are fixed or grouped. The dialog box collapses.
  4. Drag to move or rotate components.
  5. (Optional.) To change selections, click Selections to expand the dialog box. Then make your changes and click Fix/Group again.
  6. Click Exit.
    The components are no longer fixed or grouped.