Turning 3D Interconnect On or Off

You can turn on and turn off the 3D Interconnect functionality in the SOLIDWORKS software. It is turned on by default.

To turn 3D Interconnect on or off:

  1. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Import.
  2. In the dialog box, specify File Format to General.
  3. Select or clear Enable 3D Interconnect.
  4. Optional: If you select Enable 3D Interconnect, you can select the following options:
    • Create 3D Interconnect feature link in parts only. Adds a 3D Interconnect feature link to the non-native CAD part file.
    • Break component links as external files. Breaks the 3D Interconnect component link and creates the resulting part or assembly as an external file. When the option is cleared, the resulting part or assembly is an internal file (virtual component).
  5. Click OK.