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SolidWorks.Interop.swconst Namespace

SOLIDWORKS API enumerations


sw3DExperienceCfgType_e Types of configurations viewed in SOLIDWORKS Connected.
sw3DExperienceModelType_e Types of 3DEXPERIENCE component icons.
sw3DInterconnectImportErrors_e 3D Interconnect import errors.
sw3DPDFAccuracy_e Levels of SOLIDWORKS MBD 3D PDF accuracies
sw3DPMISaveOptions_e 3D PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) save options when comparing two different versions of the same model. Bitmask.
swAcisOutputGeometryPreference_e ACIS output geometry types.
swAcisOutputVersion_e ACIS output versions.
swActivateDocError_e Document activation errors. Bitmask.
swAddComponentConfigOptions_e Options for adding components to an assembly.
swAddControlOptions_e Options for PropertyManager page, group box, and tab controls. Bitmask.
swAddGroupBoxOptions_e PropertyManager page group box and tab controls. Bitmask.
swAddinBrokerBBoxOption_e Bounding box options. Bitmask.
swAdditionalSymbol_e Additional symbols in Gtol frame boxes.
swAddMateError_e Status after adding or editing a mate.
swAddOrdinateDims_e Types of ordinate dimensions.
swAddSpecificDimension_e Status after adding a specific dimension.
swAdvancedHoleResults_e Result codes for Advanced Hole.
swAdvSelectType_e Conditions of criteria for advanced component selection list. Bitmask.
swAdvWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e Advanced Hole element types.
swAlignDimensionType_e Align dimension types.
swAlignDrawingViewTypes_e Types of auxiliary drawing view alignment.
swAlignViewTypes_e View alignments.
swAngleUnit_e Angle unit types.
swAngularEquationUnits_e Angular units used in equations.
swAnimationOutputType_e Animation output type.
swAnimationPlayMode_e Modes to play animations.
swAnimationPlaySpeed_e Speeds to play animations.
swAnimatorAxisOfRotation_e Animation axis of rotation.
swAnimatorDirectionOfRotation_e Animation direction of rotation
swAnnotationOwner_e Types of owners of annotations.
swAnnotationType_e Annotation types.
swAnnotationVisibilityState_e Annotation visibility states.
swApiHoleWizardItemExportStatus_e Return codes for Advanced Hole Wizard item export.
swApiHoleWizardItemImportStatus_e Return codes for Advanced Hole Wizard item import.
swApiToolboxItemExportStatus_e Return codes for toolbox item export.
swApiToolboxItemImportStatus_e Return codes for toolbox item import.
swAppCallBackCmd_e Types of application callback functions.
swAppearanceTargetType_e Types of targets to which to apply a copied appearance.
swApplicationType_e Types of SOLIDWORKS application.
swAppNotify_e Application notifications.
swArcEndCondition_e Arc endpoint conditions for linear dimensions.
swArcLengthLeaderType_e Arc length dimension leader styles.
swAreaHatchFillStyle_e Area hatch fill styles.
swAreaHatchingScope_e Areas for hatching.
swArrowDirection_e DXF/DWG output arrow directions.
swArrowPlacement_e Smart arrow placement.
swArrowPosition Arrow positions for bubble ToolTips.
swArrowStyle_e Arrow styles.
swASMSLDPRTCompPref_e Options for a specified component when saving an assembly as a part.
swAssemblyDeleteOptions_e Assembly delete options.
swAssemblyExplodeStepType Assembly explode step types.
swAssemblyLevelToUpdate_e Levels of assemblies to update options.
swAssemblyNotify_e Assembly notifications.
swAssemblyUpdateToolboxComponentStatus_e Status of updating SOLIDWORKS Toolbox components in assemblies using the current information in Toolbox Settings.
swAssociatedEntityStates_e Associated entity states for attributes.
swAttachAnnotationOption_e Annotation attachment options.
swAutodimEntities_e Entities to dimension using ISketch::AutoDimension2 and IDrawingDoc::AutoDimension.
swAutodimHorizontalPlacement_e Placements for the horizontal dimensions created by ISketch::AutoDimension2 and IDrawingDoc::AutoDimension.
swAutodimMark_e Selection mark values. Bitmask.
swAutodimScheme_e Dimensioning schemes for ISketch::AutoDimension2 and IDrawingDoc::AutoDimension.
swAutodimStatus_e Statuses returned by ISketch::AutoDimension2 and IDrawingDoc::AutoDimension.
swAutodimVerticalPlacement_e Placements of the vertical dimensions created by ISketch::AutoDimension2 and IDrawingDoc::AutoDimension.
swAutoHideShowResponse_e Visibility of FeatureManager design tree folders and tools.
swAutoInsertCenterMarkTypes_e Types for which to insert center marks. Bitmask.
swAutoSaveIntervalMode_e Modes for autosaving documents.
swBackgroundProcessOption_e Background processing options.
swBalloonFit_e Types of balloon and label location fits.
swBalloonItemNumbersOrder_e Balloon item ordering options. Bitmask.
swBalloonLayoutType_e Arrangements for automatic BOM balloons in relation to the drawing views with which they are associated.
swBalloonQuantityPlacement_e Balloon quantity placement options.
swBalloonStyle_e Balloon styles.
swBalloonTextContent_e Style of the text contents of balloon notes.
swBasicDimType_e Basic dimension types for DimXpert geometric tolerances.
swBBoxDescriptionApplyMethod_e Weldment bounding box apply to options.
swBendAllowanceTypes_e Bend allowance types.
swBendDirection_e Bend directions.
swBendLineControlOption_e Bend line options.
swBendLineDirection_e Bend line directions.
swBendNoteAttribute_e Bend note attributes.
swBendNoteStyle_e Bend note styles.
swBendTableTagStyle_e Bend table tag styles.
swBendType_e Bend types.
swBitmapControlStandardTypes_e Bitmap control standard types.
swBitMaps Types of bitmaps for error and trouble-shooting tips bubbles.
swBlockDefinitionExtFileStatus_e Block definition external file status.
swBlockingStates_e Blocking states.
swBlockInstanceTextDisplay_e Block instance text display.
swBodyFolderFeatureType_e Body folder feature types.
swBodyInfo_e Type of body.
swBodyMaterialApplicationError_e Body material application errors.
swBodyOperationError_e Body operation errors.
swBodyOperationType_e Body operation types.
swBodyType_e Valid body types.
swBOMConfigurationAnchorType_e BOM table configuration anchor types.
swBOMConfigurationCreationErrors_e BOM table configuration creation errors.
swBOMConfigurationWhatToShow_e What to show in BOM tables.
swBOMControlMissingRowDisplay_e How to handle empty rows in BOM tables.
swBOMControlSplitDirection_e Direction where to split new sections in BOM tables.
swBOMPartNumberSource_e Sources from numbers in BOM tables. Bitmask.
swBOMTableObjectType_e Types of BOM table items to expand and collapse.
swBomTableSortItemGroup_e Categories for sorting bill of material table rows.
swBomTableSortMethod_e Bill of Materials table sorting methods.
swBomType_e Types of BOM tables.
swBoundaryBossAlignment_e Boundary feature alignments.
swBoundaryBossCurveInfluenceType_e Boundary feature curve influence types. Bitmask.
swBoundaryBossDirection_e Boundary feature directions.
swBoundaryBossTangencyType_e Tangency types for curves in boundary features.
swBoundingBoxOptions_e Bounding box options. Bitmask.
swBoundType_e Boundary behaviors at the start and end of UV parameter ranges.
swBreakCornerTypes_e Types of break corners.
swBreakLineOrientation_e Break lines orientation.
swBreakLineStyle_e Break line styles.
swButtonSize_e Toolbar button sizes.
swCalloutTargetStyle_e Callout target styles.
swCalloutVariable_e Types of specific hole callout variables.
swCalloutVariableType_e Types of general hole callout variables.
swCameraPositionType_e Camera position styles.
swCameraType_e Camera types.
swCamMateEntityType_e Cam-follower mate entity types.
swCavityScaleType_e Cavity scale types.
swCellEquationStatus_e Cell equation error codes.
swCenterLineMarkOrient_e Centerline mark orientation.
swCenterMarkConnectionLine_e Visibility options for connection lines of center marks. Bitmask.
swCenterMarkHandle_e Direction of center mark handle.
swCenterMarkStyle_e Center mark styles.
swChainPatternAlignment_e Chain pattern alignments.
swChainPatternOptions_e Chain pattern options.
swChainPatternPitchMethod_e Chain pattern pitch methods.
swChamferType_e Chamfer types.
swCheckInterferenceOption_e Check interference options. Bitmask.
swCheckOutOfDate_e Check for out-of-date lightweight components options.
swCheckSpellingOptions_e Spell check options. Bitmask.
swChildComponentInBOMOption_e Child component display options in Bills of Materials (BOM). Assemblies only.
swClosedCornerTypes_e Closed corner types.
swCloseReopenError_e Close and reopen errors.
swCloseReopenOption_e File close and reopen options. Bitmask.
swCollabCheckReadOnlyModifiedInterval_e Intervals when to check files for modifications that were opened read-only in a multi-user environment.
swCollisionDetectionResults_e Collision detection results.
swCollisionGroupApplyTransformErrors_e Errors when applying transforms to collision groups.
swCollisionGroupSetComponentsErrors_e Errors when setting components in collision groups.
swCollisionManagerSetAssemblyErrors_e Return codes when setting the assembly for the collision detection manager.
swColorsBackgroundAppearance_e Backgrounds for graphics area.
swColumnTypeStatus_e Table column error codes.
swCombineBodiesOperationType_e Combine bodies operation types.
swCommand_e Dialog or file to display.
swCommandFlyoutStyle_e Types of FlyoutGroup.
swCommandItemType_e Types of command items. Bitmask.
swCommandTabButtonFlyoutStyle_e CommandManager tab button flyout styles. Bitmask.
swCommandTabButtonTextDisplay_e CommandManager tab button text display. Bitmask.
swComponentLoadStatus_e Load status of component.
swComponentReloadError_e Codes returned when reloading components in assemblies.
swComponentReloadOption_e Options for reloading components in assemblies.
swComponentResolveStatus_e States for resolving components.
swComponentSolvingOption_e Options for resolving components.
swComponentSuppressionState_e States for component suppression.
swComponentVisibilityState_e States for component visibility.
swConcentricAlignmentType_e Concentric mate alignment types.
swConcentricPositionType Misaligned concentric mate positions.
swConfigTreeSortType_e Order in which configurations are listed in the ConfigurationManager.
swConfigurationChangeTypes_e Types of configuration changes.
swConfigurationOptions_e Option bits used when setting configuration options. Bitmask.
swConfigurationOptions2_e Option bits used when setting configuration options. Bitmask.
swConfigurationType_e Types of configurations.
swConnectedSegmentsOption_e Types of structural weldment segment connections.
swConnectedSyncSettingsErrors_e Return codes for ISldWorks::UploadToMySolidWorksSettings and ISldWorks::DownloadFromMySolidWorksSettings.
swConnectionPointType_e Connection point types.
swConstrainedCornerAction_e Actions to take if the corner to be filleted is constrained or has a dimension.
swConstrainedStatus_e Status of sketch constraints.
swConstraintType_e Sketch constraints.
swContactType_e Curve control contact types.
swControlBitmapLabelType_e SOLIDWORKS bitmap types.
swCoreFeatureDirection_e Directions for core features.
swCornerReliefType_e Corner reliefs.
swCosmeticConfigOptions_e Cosmetic thread configuration options.
swCosmeticEndConditions_e Cosmetic thread end conditions.
swCosmeticStandardType_e Cosmetic thread standard types.
swCosmeticThreadDiameterType_e Cosmetic thread diameter types.
swCosmeticThreadType_e Cosmetic thread types.
swCosmeticWeldBeadMode_e Cosmetic weld bead modes
swCosmeticWeldBeadSide_e Cosmetic weld bead options.
swCosmosWorksMat SOLIDWORKS Simulation (formerly called COSMOSWorks) materials.
swCreateAngRunDimError_e Statuses when inserting an angular running dimension.
swCreateCommandGroupErrors Error codes for creating CommandGroups.
swCreateExplodeStepError_e Return codes when creating an explode step.
swCreateFacesBodyAction_e Options for creating missing faces on an open body.
swCreateFeatureBodyOpts_e Options for creating bodies. Bitmask.
swCreateOrdDimError_e Errors when inserting an ordinate dimension.
swCreatePartExplodeStepError_e Result codes when creating explode steps for multibody parts.
swCreateSectionViewAtOptions_e Options that affect the section view that is created. Bitmask.
swCreateSeedCutType_e Pattern seed cut types.
swCreateWireBodyOptions_e Options for creating wire bodies. Bitmask.
swCropViewErrors_e Errors when cropping views.
swCrossHatchFilter_e Cross hatch filters.
swCurveDrivenPatternAlignment_e Curve-driven pattern alignments.
swCurveDrivenPatternCurveMethod_e Curve methods.
swCurveTypes_e Curve types.
swCustomInfoAddResult_e Result codes when adding custom properties.
swCustomInfoDeleteResult_e Result codes when deleting custom properties.
swCustomInfoGetResult_e Result codes when getting custom properties.
swCustomInfoSetResult_e Result codes when setting custom properties.
swCustomInfoType_e Custom property types.
swCustomLinkSetResult_e Error codes when linking and unlinking custom properties.
swCustomPropertyAddOption_e Options when adding custom properties.
swCutListExclusionStatus_e Status of excluding the selected faces and features in the cut list sort exclusion list.
swCutListTransferOptions_e Options for transferring the cut list when saving a weldment member, surface body, or solid body to another part.
swCutListType_e Cut list types.
swCutSweepOption_e Sweep cut options.
swDatumDisplayType_e Datum feature display styles.
swDatumGbLeaderStyle_e Orientations of the leader for a round datum feature symbol.
swDatumTagTextParts_e Text parts of datum tags.
swDatumTargetAreaShape_e Target area shapes for datum target symbols.
swDeleteSelectionOptions_e Options for deleting features. Bitmask.
swDesignTableErrors_e Design table errors.
swDesignTableSourceTypes_e Types of source files for design tables.
swDesignTableUpdateOptions_e Options for updating design tables.
swDestroyNotifyType_e Options for when destroying model views.
swDetailingBalloonAutoBalloons_e Types of autoballoons.
swDetailingChamferDimLeaderStyle_e Detailing chamfer dimension leader style.
swDetailingChamferDimLeaderTextStyle_e Detailing chamfer dimension leader text style.
swDetailingChamferDimXStyle_e Detailing chamfer DimXpert style.
swDetailingDimFractionScaleIndex_e Sizes of stacked dimensions in fractional dimensions.
swDetailingDimFractionStyle_e Detailing dimension fraction styles.
swDetailingDimTrailingZero_e Detailing dimension trailing zero styles.
swDetailingDimXpertChamferInstanceStyle_e DimXpert chamfer options.
swDetailingDimXpertChamferStyle_e DimXpert chamfer options.
swDetailingDimXpertFilletInstanceStyle_e DimXpert fillet options.
swDetailingDimXpertSlotStyle_e DimXpert slot options.
swDetailingDualDimPosition_e Detailing dual dimension positions.
swDetailingForeshortenedDiameterStyle_e Detailing foreshortened diameter styles.
swDetailingHalfSectionArrow_e Half section arrow displays.
swDetailingLeadingZero_e Detailing leading zero options.
swDetailingLinearForeshortened_e Linear dimensions foreshortened types.
swDetailingNoteTextContent_e BOM balloon note text styles.
swDetailingSectionViewLineStyle_e Display section view line styles.
swDetailingStandard_e Detailing standards.
swDetailingToleranceTextSizing_e Detailing tolerance text sizes.
swDetailingViewLabelsDelimiter_e Formats for the auxiliary view scale labels.
swDetailingViewLabelsLabel_e Formats of the auxiliary view labels.
swDetailingViewLabelsName_e Format of the titles to use in front of the auxiliary view labels.
swDetailingViewLabelsScale_e Format of the titles to use in front of the auxiliary view scales.
swDetailingViewRotation_e View rotation options.
swDetailingVirtualSharp_e Display options for virtual sharps.
swDetCircleShowType_e Types of circles or profiles to use for detail views.
swDetViewStyle_e Detail view styles.
swDimensionArrowsSide_e Dimension arrow directions.
swDimensionDrivenState_e Driven or driving state of dimensions.
swDimensionParamType_e Dimension types.
swDimensionPrecisionSettings_e Precision settings for dimensions.
swDimensionPrefix_e Prefixes for PMI dimension annotations.
swDimensionSymbol_e Symbols for PMI dimension annotations.
swDimensionTextParts_e Options for getting and setting display dimension text.
swDimensionToleranceWarning_e Dimension tolerance warnings.
swDimensionType_e Types of dimensions.
swDimXpertBlockPrecision_e DimXpert block tolerance precisions.
swDimXpertDisplayDatumGtolLinearDimAttachmentType_e Attachment types for DimXpert datum geometric tolerance linear dimensions.
swDimXpertDisplayDatumGtolSurfaceAttachmentType_e Attachment types for DimXpert datum geometric tolerance surfaces.
swDimXpertDisplayGtolLinearDimAttachmentType_e Attachment types for DimXpert geometric tolerance linear dimensions.
swDimXpertDisplayHoleDimensionType_e Dimension types for DimXpert holes.
swDimXpertDisplaySlotDimensionType_e Dimension types for DimXpert slots.
swDimXpertGeneralTolClass_e DimXpert tolerance classes.
swDimXpertTolType_e DimXpert tolerance types.
swDimXpertTreeDisplay_e Types of tree display on the DimXpert tab.
swDisplayCircularReferencesInEquations_e Display options for circular references in equations.
swDisplayDimensionLeaderText_e Display dimension leaders and text placement.
swDisplayMode_e Display modes of drawing views.
swDisplayPotentialCircularReferencesInEquations_e Display options for potential circular references in equations.
swDisplayStateCreationChoices_e Display-state preserve options.
swDisplayStateOpts_e Display state options.
swDisplayTangentEdges_e Tangent edge display modes.
swDistanceMateArcConditions_e Arc conditions for cylindrical distance mates.
swDocTemplateTypes_e Document template types. Bitmask.
swDocumentTypes_e Document types.
swDofStatus_e Dof status.
swDraftAnalysisFaceType_e Draft analysis face types.
swDraftAnalysisOptions_e Draft analysis options. Bitmask.
swDraftAnalysisShow_e Show draft analsyis options. Bitmask.
swDraftFacePropagationType_e Draft face propagaton types.
swDraftStepType_e Draft step types.
swDraftType_e Draft types.
swDragArrowManipulatorOptions_e Draft arrow manipulator options.
swDrawingComponentLineFontOption_e Types of edges of components in assembly drawings whose line font styles you can change.
swDrawingNotify_e Drawing notifications.
swDrawingProjectionType_e Drawing projection types.
swDrawingSheetsZonesLetterLayout_e Options for letter layouts in drawing sheet zones.
swDrawingSheetsZonesOrigin_e Options for the origins of drawing sheet zones.
swDrawingViewTypes_e Drawing view types.
swDwgImportEntitiesPositioning_e Drawing import entities positionings.
swDwgPaperSizes_e Drawing paper sizes.
swDwgTemplates_e Drawing templates.
swDxfFormat_e DXF/DWG output formats.
swDxfMultisheet_e DXF/DWG multisheets.
swDynamicMode_e Dynamic modes.
swEdgeFlangeError_e Edge flange error codes.
swEdgesHiddenEdgeDisplay_e Hidden edge display types.
swEdgesInContextEditTransparencyType_e In-context edit transparency edge types.
swEdgesShadedModeDisplay_e Shaded edges display modes.
swEdgesTangentEdgeDisplay_e Tangent edge display modes.
swEdgeUntrimType_e Untrimmed edge types.
swEditBalloonOption_e Edit balloon options.
swEditPartCommandStatus_e Return values during the activation of a part.
swEdrawingsAttachmentOption_e Configuration options for creating and attaching STEP files when publishing a part or assembly to eDrawings.
swEdrawingsAttachmentType_e Types of STEP file to create and attach when publishing configurations to eDrawings.
swEdrawingSaveAsOption_e eDrawings Save As options.
swElectricalConnectionPointType_e Electrical connection point types.
swElectricalSubType_e Electrical route sub types for connection points.
swEllipsePts_e Values for interpreting ellipse data.
swEndCapThicknessDirection_e End cap thickness directions.
swEndConditions_e End conditions for creation of a variety of features.
swEndShape_e End shapes for straight hole and straight tap elements of the Advanced Hole.
swExcludeFromBOMError_e Result codes when setting whether to exclude a component from a bill of materials.
swExplodeDirectionIndex_e Explode direction manipulator options when creating or editing an explode step.
swExportDataFileType_e Export data file types.
swExportDataSheetsToExport_e Export data sheets to export options.
swExportFlatPatternViewOptions_e Flat-pattern view options.
swExportToDWG_e Options for the Action parameter of IPartDoc::ExportToDWG2.
swExternalFileReferencesConfig_e External file references configurations options.
swExternalFileReferencesUpdate_e External file references update options.
swExternalReferenceStatus_e External reference status.
swExternalReferencesUpdateOutOfDateLinkedDesignTable_e Out-of-date external references linked design table options.
swExtrudeFrom_e Extrude from options.
swFaceCoincidentResult_e Face coincidence results.
swFaceDeleteOption_e DeleteFace feature options.
swFaceUntrimType_e Untrimmed faces types.
swFastenerTableTypes_e Fastener table types.
swFaultEntityErrorCode_e Fault entity error codes.
swFeatMgrPane_e Available panes and states.
swFeatureChamferOption_e Chamfer feature options. Bitmask.
swFeatureDimensionParameter_e Pattern display dimension options.
swFeatureEditStatus_e Editing status of feature. Bitmask.
swFeatureError_e Feature error codes.
swFeatureFilletOptions_e Fillet/chamfer options. Bitmask.
swFeatureFilletProfileType_e Fillet cross-sectional profile shapes.
swFeatureFilletType_e Feature fillet types.
swFeatureFillSurfaceOptions_e Feature fill surface options. Bitmask.
swFeatureManagerDisplayWarnings_e FeatureManager design tree display warnings.
swFeatureModifier_e Material conditions for PMI Gtol frames.
swFeatureNameID_e Feature name IDs.
swFeatureScope_e Feature scope options.
swFeaturesToPatternType_e Seed instance types for patterns.
swFeatureSuppressionAction_e Feature suppression actions.
swFeatureTreeFolderType_e Ways to insert the feature folder.
swFeatureTreeState_e Flyout FeatureManager design tree states.
swFileCloseNotifyReason_e Reasons for the FileCloseNotify event.
swFileFormatType_e STEP file formats.
swFileLoadError_e File load errors. Bitmask.
swFileLoadWarning_e File load warnings for ISldWorks::OpenDoc6. Bitmask.
swFileSaveError_e File save errors. Bitmask.
swFileSaveTypes_e File save types.
swFileSaveWarning_e Values for File, Save warnings that can be returned from the IModelDoc2 Save methods. These warnings do not cause the File, Save operation to fail. Bitmask.
swFilletOverFlowType_e Fillet overflow types.
swFitTolDisplay_e Fit tolerance display styles.
swFitType_e Fit types.
swFlangeDimTypes_e Origins for dimensioning Blind or Up To Edge And Merge flange length end conditions in edge flanges.
swFlangeOffsetTypes_e End conditions for both flange length and flange position offset for sheet metal edge and base flanges.
swFlangePositionTypes_e Position types for sheet metal edge flanges.
swFMViewNotify_e FeatureManager design tree notifications.
swFractionDisplay_e Fraction display types.
swGeneralImportFreePointCurveEntityOptions_e Import free curve entity options.
swGeneralImportSurfaceSolidEntityOptions_e Import surface solid entity options.
swGeneralImportUnitsOptions_e Import unit options.
swGeometricCharacteristic_e Geometric characteristics for Gtol frames.
swGeometryToSave_e Geometry to save options for IAdvancedSaveAsOptions::GeometryToSave.
swGeomType_e Geometry types.
swGlobalBoundingBoxFitOptions_e Global bounding box fit types.
swGlobalBoundingBoxResult_e Global bounding box insertion results.
swGtolGeomCharSymbol_e GTol geometric character symbols.
swGtolMatCondition_e GTol material condition types.
swGTolTextParts_e Text parts of GTols.
swGtolTolType_e Tolerance zone types in Gtol frame boxes.
swGuideCurveInfluence_e Guide curve influence types.
swGussetProfileLocationType_e Gussett profile location types.
swGussetProfileType_e Gusset profile types.
swGussetThicknessType_e Gusset thickness types.
swHandleActiveXCreationFailure_e Actions on failure to create an ActiveX control on a PropertyManager page.
swHandleWindowFromHandleCreationFailure_e Actions on failure to create a .NET control on a PropertyManager page.
swHealActionType_e Healing actions.
swHelixDefinedBy_e Helix definitions.
swHemPositionTypes_e Hem position types.
swHemTypes_e Hem types.
swHingeMateEntityType_e Hinge mate entity types.
swHlrQuality_e HLR types.
swHoleElementOrientation_e Advanced Hole orientations.
swHoleSeriesWhichParts_e Which parts the hole series passes through.
swHoleTableTagOrder_e Method by which to assign tag numbers to holes of the same size.
swHoleTableTagPrefixApply_e Options for applying prefixes to manual table tags of holes.
swHoleTableTagStyle_e Hole table tag styles.
swHorizontalAutoSplitApply_e Options for when to automatically split a table horizontally.
swHorizontalAutoSplitPlacementOfSplitTable_e Options for placement of the split table portion after a horizontal table split.
swIFCExportSaveType_e IFC export options.
swIFCOmniUniClassPreference_e IFC output as types.
swIGESCurveRepresentation_e IGES curve representations.
swIGESPreferredSystem_e IGES systems.
swIGESRepresentation_e IGES representation types.
swImageQualityShaded_e Quality of tessellation of cylindrical surfaces for shaded rendering output.
swImageQualityWireframe_e Quality of wireframe display output.
swImageSizeToUse_e Default image sizes for the current DPI setting of the display device for images that are not based on the SOLIDWORKS icon size setting.
swImportDxfDwg_ImportMethod_e DXF/DWG import methods.
swImportDxfDwg_LayerVisibility_e DXF/DWG layer visibility states.
swImportModelItemsSource_e Sources from which to import model items.
swImportNeutralAssemblyStructureMapping_e Neutral import assembly structure mappings.
swImportNeutralCurvesAndPointsOptions_e Neutral import curves and points options.
swImportNeutralKnitOption_e Neutral import knit options.
swImportNeutralUnits_e Neutral import units.
swImportPartCustomPropertiesToOptions_e Derived part custom properties import options.
swImportSheetMetalInformation_e Derived part sheet metal information import options.
swImportStlVrmlModelType_e STL/VRML import model types.
swImprintingFacesOpts_e Imprinting faces options. Bitmask.
swInConfigurationOpts_e Configuration options.
swInContextEditTransparencyType_e In-context edit transparency types.
swIndentSelectionState_e Indent selection states.
swInsertAnnotation_e Annotation types. Bitmask.
swInsertEdgeFlangeOptions_e Sheet metal edge flange options. Bitmask.
swInsertNewAssemblyErrorCode_e Error codes when assembly inserted.
swInsertNewPartErrorCode_e Error codes when part inserted.
swInsertOptions_e Options for pasting a sheet into a drawing document.
swInsertPartOptions_e Part insertion options. Bitmask.
swInsertSlicingError_e Error codes for slicing insertion. Bitmask.
swInsertTableColumnWidthStyle_e Inserted table column width options.
swInstanceToVaryModificationType_e Types of pattern instance modification when varying instances.
swInterfaceBrightnessColor_e Background colors.
swInterfaceBrightnessTheme_e Background themes.
swInterpolationType_e Types of interpolation.
swIntersectionType_e Curve intersections types.
swIsolateVisibility_e Isolate component options.
swJogDimensionPositionType_e Jog dimension position types.
swJogOffsetTypes_e Jog offset types.
swJogPositionType_e Jog position types.
swKeepReplacedCompOption_e Options for replacing components in BOM features.
swKernelErrorCode_e Kernel error codes.
swLayerItemsOption_e Layer item types.
swLayerOverride_e Layer override types. Bitmask.
swLeaderLineVisibility_e Visibility of leader lines.
swLeaderSide_e Leader side types.
swLeaderStyle_e Leader styles.
swLengthUnit_e Length unit types.
swLibFeatDimensionType_e Library feature dimension types.
swLibFeatureData_e Library feature entity options.
swLicenseType_e SOLIDWORKS license types.
swLineEndCaps_e Line end caps types.
swLineStyles_e Line styles used in drawings.
swLineTypes_e Line styles in drawings.
swLineWeights_e Line weights used in layers.
swLinkDimensionError_e Link dimension errors.
swLinkString Types of links for errors and trouble-shooting bubbles.
swLoadAddinError_e Add-in load errors.
swLoadDetachedModelRules_e Detached model load options.
swLoadExternalReferences_e External references load options.
swLocalCurvePatternAlignment_e Alignments for local curve-driven patterns.
swLocalCurvePatternCurveMethod_e Curve methods for local curve-driven patterns.
swLocalCurvePatternReferencePoint_e Reference points for local curve-driven patterns.
swLocalSketchPatternReferencePoint_e Reference points for local sketch-driven patterns.
swLocationLabelText_e Types of text for the upper and lower sections of location labels.
swLoftedBendFacetOptions_e Faceting options for lofted bend facet features.
swLoopProcessOption_e Loop processing options.
swMacroFeatureEntityIdType_e Macro feature entity ID types.
swMacroFeatureOptions_e Placement of the macro feature in the FeatureManager design tree options. Bitmask.
swMacroFeatureParamType_e Macro feature parameter types.
swMacroFeatureSecurityOptions_e Macro feature security options. Bitmask.
swMacroMethods_e Types of macro methods.
swManipulatorCursor_e Triad manipulator cursor types.
swManipulatorOptions_e Manipulator options. Bitmask.
swManipulatorRepresentation_e Triad manipulator representations.
swManipulatorType_e Manipulator types.
swMassPropertiesStatus_e Mass property result codes.
swMassPropertyAccuracyLevel_e Mass property accuracy level options.
swMassPropertyMoment_e Moment of inertia coordinate systems.
swMateAlign_e Mate alignment types.
swMateEntity2ReferenceType_e Mate entity reference types.
swMateEntityTypes_e Mate entity type IDs.
swMateReferenceAlignment_e Mate reference alignments.
swMateReferenceIndex_e Mate reference indexes.
swMateReferenceType_e Mate reference types.
swMaterialModifier_e Material modifiers in Gtol frames.
swMatesDefaultMisalignment_e Concentric mate misalignment options.
swMateType_e Assembly mate types.
swMateWidthOptions_e Assembly mate width options.
swMeasureArcCircleOption_e Distance to display when arcs or circles are selected using the Measure tool.
swMeasureProjectOnOption_e Distance between selected entities projection when using the Measure tool.
swMenuIdentifiers_e Menu item types.
swMenuItemType_e Menu item types.
swMessageBoxBtn_e Message box control buttons.
swMessageBoxIcon_e Message box icons.
swMessageBoxResult_e Message box results.
swMirrorComponentMirrorType_e Mirror positions for mirroring components.
swMirrorComponentNameModifier_e Prefix or suffix for newly mirrored components.
swMirrorComponentOrientation_e Orientation options for instanced mirror components.
swMirrorComponentOrientation2_e Orientations for mirroring components.
swMirrorPartOptions_e Options for creating a mirror part. Bitmask.
swMirrorPlaneType_e Types of mirror plane.
swMirrorProfileOrAlignmentAxis_e Axis options for mirroring the profile of or aligning a sweep cut feature.
swMirrorViewPositions_e Mirror view orientations.
swModelRebuildStatus_e Rebuild status of model. Bitmask.
swModelRouteType_e Route types for connection points.
swModifyTableNotifyReason_e Notification reason codes for modifying tables.
swMomentsOfInertiaReferenceFrame_e Reference frames for moments of inertia mass properties.
swMotionContactFrictionType_e Motion Study contact friction types.
swMotionMat_e Motion Study materials.
swMotionPlotAxisComponent_e Types of motion study components.
swMotionPlotAxisType_e Types of motion study plot axes.
swMouseDragMode_e Current command states.
swMouseNotify_e Mouse notifications.
swMoveableDatumDirection_e Directions for moveable datum target symbols.
swMoveableDatumStyle_e Moveable datum target symbol styles.
swMoveCopyBodyFeatureTransformType_e Move/copy body transform types.
swMoveCopyError_e Move/copy errors.
swMoveCopyOptions_e Move/copy options. Bitmask.
swMoveFaceType_e Face move types.
swMoveFreezeBarTo_e Move options for freeze bar.
swMoveLocation_e Options for moving features in parts and assemblies.
swMoveRollbackBarTo_e Position to move rollback bar.
swNameType_e Names of types of entities. Bitmask.
swNonInterferingComponentDisplay_e Modes to display non-interfering components.
swNormalCutErrors_e Error codes when creating a sheet metal Normal Cut cut-extrude face group.
swNormalCutParameters_e Sheet metal normal cut parameters.
swNotifyEntityType_e Notification entity types.
swNumberboxUnitType_e Number box units.
swNumberedListStartType_e Numbered list start types.
swNumberedListType_e Numbered list types.
swNumberingFormat_e Format of numbered list items.
swNumberingType_e Types of numbering for indented BOM tables.
swObjectEquality Object equality states.
swOffsetPlanarWireBodyOptions_e How to fill the gap between edges.
swOleObjectOptions_e OLE object options.
swOnSurfacePlaneProjectType_e Types of planes on surfaces.
swOpenDocOptions_e How to open documents using ISldWorks::OpenDoc6. Bitmask.
swOrdDimEndSymbol_e Ordinate dimension end symbols.
swOutOfDateStatus_e Rebuild state of the components.
swPackAndGoDocumentStatus_e Types of documents for Pack and Go.
swPackAndGoSaveStatus_e Status of each document intended for Pack and Go.
swPageSetupDrawingColor_e Colors of drawings set-up values.
swPageSetupInUse_e Page set-up values.
swPageSetupOrientation_e Page orientation set-up values.
swParabolaPts_e Parabola points.
swParagraphType_e Paragraph list types.
swParameterizationPropertyType_e Properties of U and V parameters.
swParamType_e Parameter data types.
swParasolidOutputVersion_e Parasolid output versions.
swPartConfigurationGroupingOption_e Part configuration groupings for BOM table display.
swPartingLineFeatureStatus_e Statuses of parting line features.
swPartingSurfaceMoldParmType_e Types of mold parting surfaces.
swPartingSurfaceSmoothingType_e Smooth mold parting surfaces.
swPartnerEntitlementStatus_e Partner entitlement status.
swPartNotify_e Part notifications.
swPatternElementSelection_e Pattern element selection options.
swPatternEndCondition_e Pattern spacing options.
swPatternFeatureImportExportError_e Variable pattern feature errors when importing or exporting Microsoft Excel data.
swPatternLayoutSpacingType_e Pattern layout spacing types.
swPatternLayoutType_e Pattern layout types.
swPatternReferenceTypes_e Local linear pattern axis types.
swPerformanceFeedback_e Performance feedback options.
swPersistReferencedObjectStates_e Object codes for objects' persistent reference IDs. Bitmask.
swPipingPenetrationStatus_e Piping pentration status.
swPLYQuality_e Polygon file format resolutions.
swPMContainer_e Docking states of PropertyManager page.
swPMIDatumAnchorStyle_e PMI datum anchor styles.
swPMIDatumShape_e PMI datum shapes.
swPMIDatumTargetAreaStyle_e PMI datum target area styles.
swPMIDatumTargetMovableStyle_e PMI datum target movable styles.
swPMIDatumTargetSymbolStyle_e PMI datum target symbol styles.
swPMIDatumType_e Datum types for PMI annotations.
swPMILeaderLocation_e PMI leader locations.
swPMILeaderModifier_e PMI leader modifiers.
swPMILeaderStyle_e PMI leader styles.
swPMILeaderType_e PMI leader types.
swPMITolPerUnitAreaType_e PMI tolerance per unit area types.
swPMIType_e Types of PMI annotations.
swPMIUnit_e Units of measure for Product and Manufacturing Information purposes.
swPointInferenceBrokerOption_e Inference points options from add-ins. Bitmask.
swPointStyle_e Point styles.
swPresentationOpts_e SOLIDWORKS Presentation options. Bitmask.
swPrintProperties_e Print properties.
swPrintSelectionScaleFactor_e Drawing print selection scale options.
swPrompForFilenameCause_e Reasons for opening or saving missing dependent documents.
swPromptAlwaysNever_e Responses to being prompted by SOLIDWORKS.
swPropertyManagerButtonTypes_e PropertyManager button types. Bitmask.
swPropertyManagerCheckboxState_e PropertyManager page check box states.
swPropertyManagerColorScheme_e Color schemes for PropertyManager pages.
swPropertyManagerPageBitmapButtons_e PropertyManager page bitmap buttons.
swPropertyManagerPageButtons_e PropertyManager page buttons.
swPropertyManagerPageCloseReasons_e Reasons why a PropertyManager page closes.
swPropertyManagerPageControlLeftAlign_e Left alignments for controls on PropertyManager pages.
swPropertyManagerPageControlType_e Controls for PropertyManager pages.
swPropertyManagerPageCursors_e PropertyManager page's cursor after a user makes a selection in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area.
swPropertyManagerPageMessageExpanded Expand, compress, or leave the state of the PropertyManage page's message as is.
swPropertyManagerPageMessageVisibility Visibility states for messages for PropertyManager pages.
swPropertyManagerPageOptions_e Options for PropertyManager pages. Bitmask.
swPropertyManagerPageShowOptions_e Options for showing PropertyManager pages. Bitmask.
swPropertyManagerPageStatus_e PropertyManager page statuses.
swPropertyManagerStatus_e Return values for various PropertyManager APIs.
swPropertySheetNotify_e Property sheet notifications.
swPropMgrPageComboBoxStyle_e PropertyManager page combobox styles.
swPropMgrPageControlOnResizeOptions_e PropertyManager page control resize options. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageLabelStyle_e ProperyManager page control label styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageLabelUnderlineStyle_e Underline style of PropertyManager page label.
swPropMgrPageListBoxStyle_e PropertyManager page list box styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageNumberBoxStyle_e PropertyManager page number box styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageOptionStyle_e PropertyManage page group option styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageSelectionBoxStyle_e PropertyManager page selection box styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageSliderStyle_e PropertyManager page slider styles. Bitmask.
swPropMgrPageTextBoxStyle_e PropertyManager page textbox styles. Bitmask.
swPropSheetType_e Property sheet types.
swPublishTo3DPDFError_e Status codes for publishing SOLIDWORKS MBD 3D PDF files.
swPunchTableTagStyle_e Punch table datum tag styles
swQuadant_e Angular dimension types
swRackPinionMateDistanceOptions_e Rack and pinion mate distance options.
swRackPinionMateEntityType_e Rack and pinion mate entity types.
swRayPtsOpts_e Ray points options. Bitmask.
swRayPtsResults_e Types of intersections and whether the rays are entering or exiting the body when they hit. Bitmask.
swRayTraceRenderImageFormat_e Image formats.
swRayTraceRenderingType_e Ray trace rendering types.
swRayTraceRenderQuality_e Ray-trace render quality.
swRayTraceRenderType_e Ray trace rendering methods.
swRebuildOnActivation_e Rebuild options during document activation.
swRebuildOptions_e Rebuild options. Bitmask.
swRefAxisType_e Reference axis types.
swReferencedFileStatus_e Reference file open error codes.
swRefGeometryError_e Errors when setting geometry of moveable rotational datum target symbols.
swRefPlaneReferenceConstraints_e Reference plane constraints. Bitmask.
swRefPlaneReferenceIndex_e Reference plane entities.
swRefPlaneType_e Reference plane types.
swRefPointAlongCurveType_e Reference point along curve types.
swRefPointType_e Reference point type.
swRelativeViewCreationDirection_e Relative view creation directions.
swReliefTearTypes_e Sheet metal tear-drop relief types.
swReloadTemplateResult_e Reload template results.
swRemainingDofs_e Remaining Dofs types.
swRemoveCommandGroupErrors Error codes for removing CommandGroups.
swRenamedDocumentFinalAction_e Final actions for renaming document references.
swRenameDocumentError_e Rename components errors.
swRenameOptions_e Options for renaming a pasted drawing sheet.
swRendererType_e Renderer type.
swRenderMaterialBumpMap_e Render material (appearance) surface finish.
swRenderMaterialColorForms_e Number of render material (appearance) colors.
swRenderMaterialIlluminationTypes_e Render material (appearance) illumination types.
swReorderComponentsWhere_e Where to move the components.
swRepaintTypes_e Repaint notification types.
swRepairSketchOption_e Options for repairing sketches. Bitmask.
swReplaceComponentError_e Replace component errors.
swReplaceComponentsConfiguration_e Replace components configuration options.
swReverseEndPointTangentResult_e Result codes for ISketchManager::ReverseEndPointTangent.
swRevisionCloudShape_e Revision cloud shapes.
swRevisionTableMultipleSheetStyle_e Revision table multiple sheet styles.
swRevisionTableSymbolShape_e Revision table symbol shapes.
swRevisionTableTagStyle_e Revison table symbol shapes.
swRevolveOptions_e Revolve feature options. Bitmask.
swRevolveType_e Revolve feature types.
swRibExtrusionDirection_e Rib extrusion directions.
swRibType_e Rib types.
swRotationAxisIndex_e Rotation ring manipulator options when creating or editing an explode step.
swRoutingComponentGroupingOption_e Routing components grouping options. Bitmask.
swRoutingFlattenConnectorOptions_e Flattened route connector display options.
swRoutingFlattenSegmentOrientation_e Flattened route segment orientation.
swRoutingFlattenTypes_e Route flattening types.
swRoutingSearchType_e Routing search types.
swRuledSurfaceType_e Ruled surface types.
swRunMacroError_e VBA macro error codes.
swRunMacroOption_e VBA macro options.
swSafeArrayType_e SafeArray types.
swSameAs_Status_e Comparison status.
swSaveAsmAsPartOptions_e Save assembly as parts options.
swSaveAsOptions_e Save As options. Bitmask.
swSaveAsVersion_e Version of a particular format to save the document.
swSaveItemsPathError_e Error return codes for IAdvancedSaveAsOptions::ModifyItemsNameAndPath.
swSaveReminderIntervalMode_e Intervals in which to remind user to save document.
swSaveRestoreSettingsResults_e Return values for saving and restoring SOLIDWORKS settings.
swSaveWithReferencesOptions_e Options for saving references while getting the IAdvancedSaveAsOptions object; used by the Options parameter of IModelDocExtension::GetAdvancedSaveAsOptionsBitmask.
swScaleType_e Scale types.
swSceneBackgroundType_e Scene background options.
swSceneFloorAlign_e Scene floor alignment options.
swScrewMateDistanceOptions_e Screw mate revolution options.
swSearchFolderTypes_e Search folder types.
swSearchIndexingPerformance_e Options when to perform search indexing.
swSeedAlignmentReferencePoint_e Types of reference points for aligning rotated pattern instances to the seed instance in linear component patterns.
swSelectionMarkAction_e Selecton mark actions.
swSelectionReferenceTypes_e Selecton reference types.
swSelectOption_e Selection options. Bitmask.
swSelectType_e Values for types of returned IDs.
swSensorAlertType_e Types of sensor alert.
swSensorType_e Types of sensor.
swSetComponentsAndTransformsStatus_e Results for setting interfering components and their transforms.
swSetHelixRegionParameterStatus_e Statuses for setting helix regions.
swSetRouteFixedLengthError_e Routing fixed-length errors.
swSetSectionLabelStatus_e Section label statuses.
swSetValueInConfiguration_e Values for indicating in which configurations the value should be set.
swSetValueReturnStatus_e Return values for attempting to set the value of a parameter.
swSFLaySym_e Values for direction of lay types.
swSFSymType_e Values for surface finish symbol types and options.
swSheetMetalBendNotesBorderSize_e Sheet metal bend notes border sizes.
swSheetMetalGussetProfileDimType_e Sheet metal gusset profile dimensioning schemes.
swSheetMetalGussetProfileType_e Sheet metal gusset profile types.
swSheetMetalMBDBendNotesStyle_e Sheet metal MBD bend note styles.
swSheetMetalModifierError_e Sheet metal feature data errors.
swSheetMetalOverrideDefaultParameters_e Types of default parameters to override in a sheet metal feature in a multibody sheet metal part.
swSheetMetalReliefTypes_e Sheet metal relief types.
swSheetMetalRibGussetType_e Sheet metal gusset rib types.
swSheetSewingError_e Sheet sewing errors.
swSheetSewingOption_e Sheet sewing options.
swShutOffSurfaceFeatureStatus_e Shut-off surface features statuses.
swShutOffSurfacePatchType_e Shut-off surface patch types.
swSimpleFilletPartialEdgeCondition_e Partial fillet edge condition options.
swSimpleFilletType_e Simple fillet types.
swSimpleFilletWhichFaces_e Faces for simple-fillet features.
swSimulationDamperType_e Simulation damper types.
swSimulationForceActionType_e Simulation force action types.
swSimulationForceFunctionType_e Simulation force function types.
swSimulationForceType_e Simulation force types.
swSimulationGravityAxisName_e Simulation graivity axis names.
swSimulationMotorDriveType_e Simulation motor drive types.
swSimulationMotorMotionType_e Simulation motor motion types.
swSimulationMotorType_e Simulation motor types.
swSimulationSpringType_e Simulation spring types.
swSketchChamferType_e Chamfer types.
swSketchCheckFeatureProfileUsage_e Types of features to check to see if this sketch is valid for use in creating the specified feature.
swSketchCheckFeatureStatus_e Statuses after checking to see if this sketch is valid for use in creating the specified feature
swSketchEntityType_e Sketch entity types.
swSketchFullyDefineRelationType_e Fully defined sketch relations. Bitmask.
swSketchPictureTransparencyStyle_e Transparency styles for sketch pictures.
swSketchPointType_e Sketch point types.
swSketchRelationEntityTypes_e Sketch relation entity types.
swSketchRelationFilterType_e Sketch relation filter types.
swSketchSegments_e Types of ISketchSegment objects.
swSketchSegmentType_e ISketchSegment::EqualSegment divide types.
swSketchSlotCreationType_e Sketch slot creation types.
swSketchSlotLengthType_e Sketch slot length types.
swSketchTrimChoice_e Sketch trim options.
swSkInternalPntOpts_e Values to control the display of internal sketch points.
swSkOffsetCapEndType_e Offset sketch cap end types.
swSkOffsetMakeConstructionType_e Convert original and offset sketch entities to construction sketch entities.
swSlicingTypes_e Types of slicing. Bitmask.
swSlotMateConstraintOptions_e Slot mate constraint options.
swSmartComponentSelectionTypes_e Smart component selection types.
swSmartDimensionDirection_e Smart dimension extension line directions or rapid dimensioning selector quadrants.
swSMBendState_e Bend state values for a sheet metal part.
swSMCommandStatus_e Return conditions for various sheet metal APIs that attempt to do set operations.
swSMNormalCutError_e Status codes when creating a Normal Cut feature.
swSolidBodiesDescriptionPropertyIndex Arguments in the text expression of the Description bounding box property.
swSolidworksWeldmentEndCondOptions_e Weldment end condition options.
swSpeedpakUpdate_e Options for updating out-of-date Speedpak configurations when saving files.
swSplitBodyType_e Split body types.
swSplitFaceOnParam_e Split face on parameters.
swSplitFacesOption_e Split faces options.
swSplitLineFeatureType_e Split line feature types.
swSplitLineSplitSurfaceType_e Split line surface types.
swSpringDefineType_e Spring definition types.
swSpringExtensionEndType_e Spring extension types.
swSpringProfileType_e Spring profile types.
swSpringTorsionEndType_e Spring torsion end types.
swSpringType_e Spring types.
swStackedBalloonDirection_e Balloon stacking directions.
swStandardHeaderFooterPageSetupTexts_e Standard header and footer page setup options.
swStandardViews_e Standard view types.
swStartConditions_e Start conditions.
swStep242Error_e Status codes for exporting SOLIDWORKS MBD 3D PDF files to STEP 242.
swSTLQuality_e STL quality types.
swStopContinuePrompt_e Continue repsonses.
swStraightHoleClassificationType_e Classification types for straight hole elements of the Advanced Hole.
swStraightHoleFilter_e Filters for straight hole elements that use the PEM standard in Advanced Holes.
swStraightHoleFitType_e Fit types for straight hole elements of the Advanced Hole.
swStraightTapHoleCustomSizing_e Custom sizing options for straight tap elements of the Advanced Hole.
swStraightTapHoleEquation_e Straight tap hole equation options for blind depth and offset distance.
swStraightTapHoleThreadClass_e Thread classes for straight tap hole elements of the Advanced Hole.
swStyleSplineCurveType_e Curve types and degrees for style splines.
swSummInfoField_e Summary information fields. Read-only.
swSunlightInfoType_e Sunlight information.
swSuppressionError_e Suppression errors.
swSurfaceCutFeatureError_e Types of surface-cut errors.
swSurfaceExtendEndCond_e Surface extend end conditions.
swSurfaceFinishSymbolOrientation_e Surface finish symbol orientations.
swSurfaceFinishSymbolText_e Types of surface finish symbol texts.
swSurfaceTrimType_e Surface trim types.
swSurfaceTypes_e Surface types.
swSweepDirection_e Sweep directions.
swSweptFlangeError_e Swept flange creation errors. Bitmask.
swSweptFlangePositionTypes_e Types of swept flange position.
swSystemColorsCurrentColorScheme_e Current color schemes.
swSystemColorsEnvelopes_e System envelope colors.
swSystemColorsIconColor_e System icon colors.
swSystemOptionDisplayAntiAliasing_e System anti-aliasing display options.
swTabEdgesType_e Types of tab edge treatments for Tab and Slot groups.
swTableAnnotationType_e Table annotation types.
swTableCellOrientation_e Orientations of text in table cells.
swTableCellRangeIdentifier_e Table cell-range identifiers.
swTableColumnTypes_e Table column types.
swTableHeaderPosition_e Table header positions.
swTableItemInsertPosition_e Table item insert positions.
swTableMergeLocations_e Table merge locations.
swTableRowColSizeChangeBehavior_e Values indicate how the size of the rest of the table should behave when a height of a row or width of a column changes.
swTableSplitDirection_e Table split directions.
swTableSplitLocations_e Table split locations.
swTableTagStyle_e Table tag styles
swTabSlotFeatureHeightType_e Types of tab height calculations in Tab and Slot groups.
swTabSlotFeatureSpacingType_e Types of spacing between tabs/slots in Tab and Slot groups.
swTangencyType_e Tangency options for lofts and profile twist options for sweeps.
swTangentArcTypes_e Tangent arc types.
swTangentMagnitudeDirection_e Tangent magnitude directions.
swTaperedTapCustomSizing_e Custom sizing options for tapered tap elements of the Advanced Hole.
swTaperedTapThreadClass_e Thread classes for tapered tap hole elements of the Advanced Hole.
swTaskPaneBitmapsOptions_e SOLIDWORKS standard Task Pane toolbar bitmap buttons .
swTaskPaneNotify_e Task Pane notifications.
swTaskPaneTab_e Task Pane tabs.
swTaskpaneViewStatus_e Task Pane view statuses.
swTempBodySelectOptions_e Temporary body selection options.
swTesselationMatchType_e Tessellation match types.
swTextAlignmentVertical_e Vertical text alignment options.
swTextInBoxStyle_e Text in box styles.
swTextJustification_e Text justifications options.
swTextPosition_e Values for text reference point position types.
swTextSize_e Toolbar text sizes.
swTextureRenderModes_e Texture render modes.
swThickenDirection_e Direction in which to thicken sheet bodies.
swThickenThicknessType_e Thicken thickness directions.
swThinWallType_e Thin wall types.
swThreadEndCondition_e Thread end conditions.
swThreadMethod_e Thread feature types.
swThreadMirrorType_e Thread mirror profiles.
swTiffCompressionScheme_e TIFF compression schemes.
swTiffImageType_e TIFF image types.
swTolerances_e Tolerance types.
swToleranceZoneModifier_e Tolerance zone modifiers.
swTolType_e Dimension tolerance types.
swToolbar_e Toolbar identifiers.
swToolbarDockStatePosition_e Toolbar docking positions.
swToolbarLayoutOption_e Toolbar layout options for saving SOLIDWORKS settings.
swToolbarStates_e Toolbar states.
swToolBoxPartType_e Toolbox part types. Bitmask.
swToolBoxPropertyName_e Toolbox properties.
swTopoEntity_e Types of topological entities.
swTopology_e Types of bodies.
swTopologyTypes_e Types of topology.
swTrackingIDError_e Tracking ID errors.
swTranslationNotifyOptions_e Translation notification options. Bitmask.
swTransparencyState_e Transparency states.
swTreeControlItemType_e Tree control item types.
swTriadManipulatorControlPoints_e Triad manipulator control points.
swTriadManipulatorDoNotShow_e Triad manipulator visibility options. Bitmask.
swTwistControlType_e Sweep twist control options.
swUIStates_e User-interface state types.
swUnitsDecimalRounding_e Rounding options for decimal units.
swUnitsEnergyUnit_e Energy unit types.
swUnitsForce_e Force units.
swUnitsMassPropMass_e Mass property units.
swUnitsMassPropVolume_e Mass property per unit volumes.
swUnitsPowerUnit_e Types of power units.
swUnitsTimeUnit_e Types of time units.
swUnitSystem_e System units.
swUpdateProgressError_e User progress errors.
swUserPreferenceDoubleValue_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserPreferenceOption_e User-preference enumerators for customizing document-level annotation, dimension, table, and view-label drafting standards.
swUserPreferencesLanguages_e Supported FeatureManager design tree language translations.
swUserPreferenceStringListValue_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserPreferenceStringValue_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserPreferenceTextFormat_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserPreferenceToggle_e User-preference enumerators for system options and document properties.
swUserUnitsType_e User unit types.
swVariablePitchHelixRegionParameter_e Parameters to modify in a variable-pitch helix.
swVariableRadiusFilletOptions_e Variable radius fillet transition options.
swVerticalJustification_e Dimension text vertical justifications.
swViewAlignment_e Values for alignment of views.
swViewDisplayMode_e View display modes.
swViewDisplayType_e View display states.
swViewEntityType_e View entity types.
swViewIndication_e View indicators.
swViewNotify_e Model view notifications.
swViewportDisplay_e Viewport arrangements.
swVisibilityState_e Visibility states.
swVrmlOutputVersion_e VRML output versions.
swWeldBeadSide_e Weld bead sides.
swWeldBeadType_e Weld bead types.
swWeldmentTrimExtendOptionType_e Options for weldment trim extensions. Bitmask
swWeldSymbolContourTypes_e Weld symbol contour types.
swWeldSymbolField_e Field weld characteristics of weld symbols.
swWeldSymbolSymmetric_e Symmetric characteristics of weld symbols.
swWeldSymbolTextTypes_e Types of weld symbol text.
swWindowState_e Window states.
swWitnessLineVisibility_e Values for the visibility of extension lines.
swWrapMethods_e Wrap feature methods.
swWrapSketchType_e Wrap sketch types.
swWzdGeneralHoleTypes_e General Hole Wizard types.
swWzdHoleCosmeticThreadTypes_e Hole Wizard cosmetic thread types.
swWzdHoleCounterSinkHeadClearanceTypes_e Hole Wizard countersink hole clearance types.
swWzdHoleHcoilTapTypes_e Hole Wizard helicoil tap types.
swWzdHoleScrewClearanceTypes_e Hole Wizard screw clearance types.
swWzdHoleStandardFastenerTypes_e Hole Wizard standard fastener types.
swWzdHoleStandards_e Hole Wizard standards.
swWzdHoleThreadEndCondition_e Hole Wizard thread end conditions.
swWzdHoleTypes_e Hole Wizard types.
swZeroQuantityDisplay_e Characters or values to display when values are zero (0).
swZonalSectionViewZones_e Intersection zones for section views. Bitmask

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