Flat-Pattern PropertyManager

To modify the parameters of the Flat-Pattern1 feature:

  1. Right-click Flat-Pattern1 FM_flat_pattern_suppressed.gif in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Edit Feature fm_edit_feature.png.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Parameters:
    • In the graphics area, select a face that does not move as a result of the feature for Fixed face PM_shm_Fixed_Face.gif.
    • Select Merge faces to merge faces that are planar and coincident in the flat pattern.
      When selected, no lines are shown in the bend regions.
      no_bend_lines.gif bend_lines.gif
      Merge faces selected Merge faces not selected
    • Select Simplify bends to straighten curved edges in the flat pattern.
      When you select the Simplify bends check box, curves are straightened out in the flat pattern. When this option is not selected, complex edges remain in the flat pattern.
      simplified_bends_on.gif simplified_bends_off.gif
      Simplify bends selected Simplify bends not selected
    • Select Show Slit to show slits that are added for some corner relief features.
      When you create a rectangular or circular corner relief that is smaller than the bend area, a slit is added so that the part can still be bent. Enabling Show Slit makes the slit available in the flat pattern.
      Sheet_metal_corner_relief_slit Sheet_metal_corner_relief_no_slit
      Show Slit selected Show Slit not selected
  3. Under Corner Options, select Corner treatment to apply smooth edges in the flat pattern.
  4. Under Grain Direction, click in Grain Direction, then select an edge or line in the graphics area.
  5. Under Faces To Exclude, click in Faces To Exclude and select any faces in the graphics area that you do not want in the flat pattern. (You may want to exclude faces when the faces interfere with bends.) You must select the front and back of each face that you want to exclude.
    shm_ignore_faces.gif shm_ignore_faces2.gif
    Original part Faces to exclude - select the front and back of each face
    Flat pattern
  6. Click .