Using 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | PartSupply from SOLIDWORKS

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | PartSupply provides an intelligent catalog of free 3D components that include downloadable 3D models, complete with information for designers, manufacturing engineers, and sourcing managers.

From SOLIDWORKS, you can use PartSupply to find 3D components and insert them into your assembly or replace components already in your assembly. You can search for parts with similar geometries and attributes such as the same source or size.

If you have not installed the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector for SOLIDWORKS, you can access the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | Part Supply from the SOLIDWORKS Resources tab and follow the instructions on the Marketplace | Part Supply website.

To use 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace | Part Supply from the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector for SOLIDWORKS:

  1. Open a SOLIDWORKS model.
  2. In the 3DEXPERIENCE tab of the Task Pane, click the Compass .
  3. Under Me, click As a Business Model .
  4. Click PartSupply.
  5. Search or browse through the catalog.

  6. When you find the part you need, drag it into SOLIDWORKS, or use Open or Insert in the catalog page. 
  7. Optional: To replace a component in your assembly with a model from PartSupply:
    1. Select the component to replace in SOLIDWORKS.
    2. Locate the part in PartSupply you want to replace it with.
    3. Click Replace in the catalog page.
  8. Optional: To search PartSupply for a part with similar geometry, in the FeatureManager Design Tree, right-click a part and select Find Similar in PartSupply.
For details, see PartSupply.