Weld Symbols

You can use the Weld Symbol tool to add weld symbols to assemblies, drawings, vertices, and edges or faces of parts. The software supports ANSI, ISO, GOST, and JIS weld symbol libraries.

A weld symbol representing the parameters you specify is created automatically when you:
  • Create a weld bead component in an assembly.
  • Add a fillet bead to a weldment structure in a part.
If you added weld symbols in the model, you can import the symbols into the drawing by inserting model items.
You can also construct weld symbols independently in a part, assembly, or drawing document. When creating or editing a weld symbol, you can:
  • Add secondary weld fillet information to the weld symbol for certain types of weld (Square or Bevel, for example).
  • Choose a Leader anchor of None.
  • Choose the text font for each weld symbol.