Selecting from the FeatureManager Design Tree

You can select single, multiple, or nonconsecutive items in the FeatureManager design tree.

To select items in the FeatureManager design tree:

Do one of the following:
  • Select features, sketches, planes, and axes in the model by selecting their names.
  • Select multiple consecutive items by holding the Shift key while you select.
  • Select non-consecutive items by holding the Ctrl key while you select.
  • Box select or cross select by holding the pointer down in an empty region of the panel and dragging.
  • Search the text of the FeatureManager design tree by right-clicking (except Material) and selecting Go To.
Use the FeatureManager filter to make selection easier by narrowing the list of features displayed.
When you select items in the FeatureManager design tree, the items highlight in the graphics area.