Print Properties - Files

Use the Files page to specify which files to include in the print job and the location of the error log file.

To display this page:

Expand the Tasks node and click Print. In the left pane, click Files.

Show print dialog box  
Auto select references to print
All drawings
Parts and subassemblies only
All parts, subassemblies, and drawings
Version of referenced files
Use the reference version of reference files ("as built")
Use the latest version of referenced file
Prompt the user
Error log folder Location where error logs are saved.

The default location is \Logs\Print.

This directory is created automatically in the vault root folder unless you change the location by clicking Browse.

Before running a print task, you must ensure that you have a workflow that specifies that .log files can enter the workflow. You can add a condition allowing .log files to enter an existing workflow in the workflow's Properties dialog box, or you can create a workflow specifically for task log files.

A workflow you create for task log files requires only one initial state. All users should have permissions to that initial state.

Advanced Scripting Options Displays the Advanced Scripting Options dialog box, which lets you modify the script that controls the task, change the SOLIDWORKS version used with the task, and change the task user interface type.