Task Details Dialog Box

Use the Task Details dialog box to view details of a selected task, including error codes and messages for failed tasks.

To display this dialog box:

In the Task List dialog box, select a task and click Details.

General Tab

Status For pending tasks, status can be:
Waiting for Host

Task is waiting for host to be available.

In process

Task is executing.


Task is being suspended.


Task has been suspended.


Task is being resumed.

For completed tasks, status can be:


Task completed successfully.


Task failed.


Task was cancelled by the user.

Attempts Number of attempts made to complete task.
Start time When task was initiated or is scheduled to begin.
End time  
Elapsed time Length of time task has been executing.

If the task is still running, a progress bar indicates the proportion of the task completed.

Started by User who initiated task.
Started from Computer where task was initiated.
Executing as or Executed by User permissions used to execute task.
Executing from or Executed from Computer where task is currently running (Pending tasks) or was run (Completed tasks).
Error message (Failed tasks only.) Description of the error.
Error code (Failed tasks only.) Hexadecimal error code for troubleshooting.

Printed Files Tab

For print tasks, lists the files that are being printed or have been printed.

Converted Files Tab

For conversion tasks, lists the files that are being converted or have been converted.

For completed conversion tasks, the location of the output file is shown.