Troubleshooting Tips

Tips to help troubleshoot XML import problems:

  • The SOLIDWORKS PDM database server service processes the XML files. Ensure that the service has full access to the source path of the XML files.
  • Verify that the database server service is correctly configured and that it is running.
  • For details about problems during import, examine the application event log on the system running the database server service.
  • When the database server service starts, all import rules run regardless of the frequency indicated in each rule.
  • The ImportBatches database table lists the XML files that have been imported successfully.
  • The ImportDocumentVariables database table lists imported variable values that have been matched to a document in the vault but have not been written to a file data card.
  • When an import succeeds, the XML file is removed from the directory.
  • If part of an import succeeds, the successful transaction nodes are deleted from the XML file.
  • If part or all of an import fails, the attribute ignored=-1 is inserted in the XML node, which prevents the document from being processed in later updates.
  • When using the combination of id, idattribute, and cfgname to identify the files to update, the system does not indicate when attributes are not found. The system interprets no matching files found in the vault as a success and deletes the XML file without storing data in the database.