Deleting a Vault

Deleting a vault permanently removes the vault database and archives.

To delete a vault from the server:

  1. Log in to the Administration tool as a user with vault management permissions.
  2. Right-click the vault and select Remove.
  3. If you are prompted to authenticate to the archive server, log in as a Windows user with administrative access.
  4. Enter your SQL server Username and Password.
    To remove a vault, you must:
    • Use the SQL user sa or an SQL account with sysadmin rights.
    • Have File vault management administrative permission.
  5. Select I understand that the operation cannot be undone without a full backup and click Yes.
    You cannot undo this step. Ensure that you have backed up the vault database and archive before removing the vault.
  6. If a Logged in users dialog box appears, ensure that all users listed are logged off, then click Retry.
    The vault database and archives are deleted.
  7. If a dialog box appears listing current database connections, click Yes to disconnect those processes.
  8. Local vault views are removed. At the prompt, decide whether to keep or delete local view contents.