Launching a Task Using a Workflow

You can configure a workflow transition to launch a task.

For example, when an assembly is ready for review, you can create a transition action that converts parts and drawings to .pdf files for distribution to reviewers.

To ensure that the task runs silently, when you configure the task:
  • On the Add-ins page, do not specify an input card.
  • On the Execution Method page, let the system choose the computer to execute the task or execute the task on the computer where it is initiated.
  • For print and conversion settings, clear all Allow the user to change this setting check boxes.

To use a workflow to launch a task:

  1. Open the workflow and click the transition where you want the task to occur.
    For example, click the Submit for Approval transition.
  2. In the transition's Properties dialog box, under Actions, click Add Action.
  3. In the Transition Action dialog box, for Type, select Execute Task.
  4. Click Run for files.
    Run for items and Run for named bills of materials are not supported for the Convert and Print tasks.
  5. To run for specific file types, click Only run for files with these extensions and specify the extensions.
    For example, type slddrw; sldprt to perform the task on SOLIDWORKS drawings and parts.
  6. For Select task to execute, select a task.
  7. Click OK twice.
  8. Save the workflow.

When the user right-clicks a selected group of files and clicks Change State > Submit for Approval, the task is performed on the specified files.