Logging In to an Archive Server

Depending on your access permissions and how the archive server is configured, you might need to log in to complete the process of adding a server. If the account you are using has attach rights on the archive server, logging in is not required.

To log in to an archive server:

  1. In the login dialog box, enter the Windows user name and password of a user with administrative access to vaults.

    This must be a Windows user account in the Attach access list or Administrative access list in the Security section of the Archive Server Configuration dialog box.

    The local administrator on the archive server is usually in this list by default.

  2. If the login dialog box includes a Domain list, do one:
    • For a local user account, select the system name that is followed by (local account).
    • For a domain account, select the correct domain. You can type the domain name.
  3. Click Log In.

    If you have trouble connecting to the archive server, ensure that the archive server service is started and that the TCP port (default 3030) is not blocked.