Configuring the Design Checker Task (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

You configure the Design Checker task to specify the input card and computer to use.

The Design Checker task lets you validate selected SOLIDWORKS documents in the vault using standards (.swstd) files created in the SOLIDWORKS Design Checker add-in.

  1. Expand Tasks and double-click Design Checker.
    In the Design Checker - Properties dialog box, on the Add-in screen, the Design Checker card is selected as the input card.

    The input card is required so that users can specify the standards file to use to validate the design and the locations to save the Design Checker report and log file.

  2. Select the user whose permissions are used when the task is run.
  3. In the left pane, click Execution Method and select how the task is initiated and the computer on which the task is run.
  4. Click Menu Command and specify whether and how the command appears to users in SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer.
  5. Click Permissions and select users and groups that are allowed to initiate the task.
  6. Click Success Notification and Error Notification to create notification messages and select users and groups to be notified.
  7. Click OK.