SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Interface

SOLIDWORKS PDM Search is a tool that lets you search multiple vaults for files and folders, and metadata such as users and items.

You can also use the search view in Windows File Explorer to search for files and folders.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool opens in a separate window. It includes these features:

1 Search toolbar Commands are also available from the Search and Edit menus and the shortcut menu that displays when you right-click a search result.
2 Favorites Lists frequently used searches that you have saved as Favorites.

When you select a favorite search, the results of the search appear.

The Favorites list can also contain searches other users have saved and given you permission to see.
3 Searches Lists search forms.

When you select a search form, it is displayed in the upper right pane.

Use the form to specify search criteria and click Start Search (search toolbar).

4 Search in Vaults Lets you select vaults to search.

You can search multiple vaults by leaving the Look in field of the search form blank.

5 Search form Lets you specify search criteria.

The Complete Search form, which is the default search form for file-based searches, is shown.

6 Results Displays search results. You can reorder the columns in the search results and SOLIDWORKS PDM saves the changes to the column ordering.

Commands on the toolbar and Search menu let you open the search results in an Excel spreadsheet or save them as a comma-separated file.

7 Tabs Provide information about the selected file or item.

The tabs do not apply to user-based searches.