Search Tool Commands

Search commands appear on the Search toolbar, search menus, and the file shortcut menu.

Command Toolbar icon Description Menus
Start Search   Search
Stop Search   Search
Clear Search Removes search criteria. Search
Add to Favorites Saves the search criteria and results. Search
Open Search Result Opens the search result in an Excel spreadsheet. Search
Save Search Result Exports search results as a comma-separated value (.csv) file. Search
Print files   Prints the selected file. Search
Help   Opens help.  
Cut   Edit, shortcut menu.
Copy Files Copies the selected file.

You can then paste the file as a reference to another file.

Edit, shortcut menu.
Delete Files Sends the file to the recycle bin. Edit, shortcut menu.
File properties Opens the selected file's Properties dialog box. Edit, shortcut menu.
Get Latest Version Copies the latest version of the file from the archive server to your vault. Edit, shortcut menu
Check Out Checks out the file for editing. Edit, shortcut menu
Check In Checks in the file so that others can edit it. Edit, shortcut menu
File History Displays the History dialog box. Edit, shortcut menu
View File Opens the file in the appropriate viewer.

SOLIDWORKS files (.SDLPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW) open in eDrawings.

Most other files open in the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer.

Edit, shortcut menu
Toolbar   Displays the toolbar. View
Status Bar   Displays the status bar. View
Split   Divides the dialog box between the search form and results. View
Browse to New Window   Opens a new window with the focus on the selected file. Shortcut menu
Change State   Lets you select a state transition to apply to the selected file. Shortcut menu
Notify   Opens the Notify dialog box, where you can specify notification parameters. Shortcut menu
Paste as Reference   Pastes a file that you cut or copy as a reference to the selected file.
You must check out the selected file.
Shortcut menu
Rename     Shortcut menu