History Dialog Box

You can view the version and workflow history for a selected file.

To display the History dialog box:

Select a file and click Display > History.

Toolbar Buttons

For files in the vault, select a version to enable the toolbar buttons.

For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional named BOMs and items, only the Print button is available.
View Displays selected version using the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Viewer.
Get Retrieves selected version to local cache.
Save Saves selected version to file name you specify.
Rollback / Revoke Rolls back to the selected version. All versions created before the selected entry are removed.

The rollback operation resets the revision counter to match the revision label.

When you perform a rollback operation, you are prompted to add a comment that will appear in the file's history.

In SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, the Rollback command changes to a Revoke command if you select a transition event when the file state is being changed using a parallel transition and the transition is not complete.

If you have approved the transition, Revoke displays the Revoke Transition dialog box, from which you can revoke the approval.

Compare (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Compares selected versions or selected version with local version.
Print Prints the event list. Select print options from the Print dialog box, then click OK.
Delete Label or Delete Labels (SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only) Deletes the selected labels. To delete labels, you must the administrative permission, Can delete labels.

Event List

Event Event name, such as Created, Checked in, Transition from, Revision, and Checked in with version overwrite.
Version Version number for the event.
User User who performed the event.

If you mouse over a user name, a pop-up window displays user information such as log in status and files checked out, and provides a link so that you can email the user.

When more than one user is required to complete a parallel transition, the History dialog box shows the name of each user that approves the transition.

Date Date and time of the event.
Comment Comment, if any, associated with the event.

Check In or Transition Details

Details for the selected event. All fields are read-only except Comment, although the Name field becomes editable if you edit a label by clicking it in the Event column.

Name Event name.
Version Version number for the event.
User User who performed the event.
Date Date and time of the event.
Comment Comment saved when the selected version of the document was checked in to the vault or when a transition was performed.

You can add or change a version comment by entering in this field.

Version comments help you identify and select versions from the Get Version command, Contains tab, and other locations.


Update When the comment or label for the selected event has been added, removed, or modified, updates the file's history with the change.
Help Displays this help page.
Close Closes the dialog box.