Variables Tab

Use the Variables tab to search for files with values stored in variables you specify. You click in a field and select a new option or edit the text.

You can use the following values, variables, and operators to create your search criteria.

Variable Column where you click to add search conditions.
Comparison Column where you select a comparison operator for the search criteria.
Value Column where you enter the text for the comparison.
And Searches for variable A and variable B.
Or Searches for variable A or variable B.
Variable name Lets you select a variable from the list to build the search criteria.

Example of an And Condition

You can set an And condition as follows:

  • Set Variable name to Drawing No.
  • Set Comparison to Number Equal To.
  • Set Value to 889767.

The Search tool finds documents with variables called Drawing No. and values of 889767.

Example of Combining Search Criteria

You can set the following And conditions:

Variable Comparison Value
Drawn by Text Equal To Simon
Description Text Contains Door Seal

You can set the following Or conditions:

Variable Comparison Value
Revision Text Equal To A
Revision Text Equal To B

The Search tool finds documents with data card values that match the Drawn by and Description criteria with a revision variable of A or B.